TransportationPark Carries Transportation Service to New Levels with New Lines

ulasimpark upgraded its transportation service to new levels with new lines
ulasimpark upgraded its transportation service to new levels with new lines

TransportationPark, a subsidiary of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, broke its own record with 4 new lines, which started its flights as of Monday. TransportationPark, working with maximum capacity, provides transportation services to citizens with 292 vehicles in total.


TransportationPark provides uninterrupted service in the field with 292 vehicles for the first time since its establishment. Providing the satisfaction of citizens with environmentally friendly means of transportation, TransportationPark also entered the common pool with the cooperative No. 5 and increased the number of flights. TransportationPark, which provides full capacity service with increasing number of trips, provides fast, safe and full-time transportation service to its citizens where they want to go.


TransportationPark provides fast, safe and comfortable transportation to citizens on line 5, 23, 33 and 82, where it will cooperate with the cooperative No. 126. With a total of 336 buses in its fleet, İletişimPark has taken its transportation service quality to a higher level with the new joined lines in the common pool.


Citizens using the new lines that started transportation as of Monday, March 9 called 153 Call Center and thanked them. Citizens especially thanked Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tahir Büyükakın for being comfortable, fast and safe. Also, good luck and thank you messages came to the TransportPark passenger relations unit. Citizens seeking both from social media and by phone shared the note, thanks to everyone who contributed, especially Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality.

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