TÜVASAŞ is the Undisputed Leader of the Railway Sector

tuvasas is the undisputed leader of the railway sector
tuvasas is the undisputed leader of the railway sector

Turkish Transportation-Sen Sakarya Branch President Ali Azem Fındık visited the Turkish Union of Chambers of Tradesmen and Craftsmen (SESOB) to exchange opinions on the possible effects of TÜVASAŞ's loss of status and its inclusion in TÜRASAŞ. He met with Hasan Alişan.

Ali Azem Fındık, who gave information to the press after the meeting, said: “As Turkish Transportation-Sen, we believe that TÜVASAŞ cannot tolerate the loss of status, and that we believe that the outcome for TÜVASAŞ can be changed by providing unity and solidarity with all politicians, non-governmental organizations and Sakarya People. we have mentioned many times before.

In this context; As Türk İletişim-Sen, we started to exchange ideas about the decision taken by TÜVASAŞ by visiting the leaders of the non-governmental organizations in Sakarya. At our first stop, TC Sakarya Union of Chambers of Craftsmen and Artisans (SESOB), Mr. We came together with President Hasan Alişan. We held discussions on the negative effects of losing the gains of TÜVASAŞ's current head office status on Sakarya tradesmen and subsequently on the negative domino effect on the city.

Sec. We presented Alişan with a file on TÜVASAŞ. According to 2019 data, we stated that TÜVASAŞ's supply from Sakarya is 98 million TL. We have stated that with the start of serial production of 56 Set Milli Tren, it is clear that these purchases will increase floors and floors. TÜVASAŞ is the undisputed leader of the railway sector. In case of insistence in this merger called TÜRASAŞ, the roof must be TÜVASAŞ.

SESOB President Mr. Hasan Alişan: “All that remains is TÜVASAŞ. We do not tolerate losing this either. You are a government official. At least you will be harmful from this formation. However, Sakarya Tradesmen and Craftsmen will be the most affected by this negativity. Therefore, you should not doubt that we will support your honorable struggle on the protection of TÜVASAŞ's headquarters status on every platform. ” He expressed his support.




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