TÜVASAŞ Shifts to a Short-Term Working System! 700 workers are being sent to their homes

coronavirus settings are sent to the workers' homes
coronavirus settings are sent to the workers' homes

After the meeting held in TÜVASAŞ, it is stated that decisions were taken to carry out “Short Term Work” rather than the factory being closed completely.

In TÜVASAŞ, where the work of the National Train with aluminum body is not desired to be stopped completely, the works will be carried out with a minimum of workers.

With a staff of 1500 people (civil servants, workers and subcontractors), approximately 200 of the TÜVASAŞ workers were already absent at the factory due to their chronic diseases.

In the factory, where approximately 900 workers work together with subcontractors, the number will be reduced to 220-230.

Workers will work with minimum staff in each department in line with the need.

Most of the workers working in the construction of the body of the New National Train will continue their work.

At TÜVASAŞ, approximately 700 workers will be sent to their homes from noon and will be asked to stay at home for a week.

It is also among the news that the “Short Term Work” period put into practice will be applied as 15 days in the first place, the developments can be extended by following the developments and even the factory can be closed completely… (Hakan Turhan /Medyab is)

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