Colors of Turkey in Ünalan Metro

turkiyenin colors in ÜNALAN metro
turkiyenin colors in ÜNALAN metro

It met with interest in the exhibition halls of "Colors of Turkey in Istanbul ID Photo Exhibition" opened to visit at this time Ünalan Metro stop. 70 Istanbul Turkey reflected in the lens of the seven young of photos, it can be seen until March 17.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), who lives in Istanbul and did not ever go to the country Colors of Turkey Istanbul for young people spent the Identity Project to life. With the project undertaken by the IMM Directorate of Youth and Sports, young people who were born and raised in Istanbul and raised with the identity of Istanbul had the opportunity to meet their own cultures. The special frames photographed in the project were previously exhibited in Istanbul Congress Center and İBB Taksim Cumhuriyet Art Gallery. After the photographs received intense interest from Istanbul residents, the exhibition is now shown at the metro stop in Ünalan after the Yenikapı and Üsküdar subways.


Colors of Turkey in Istanbul's Identity Project, was launched two years ago. covering seven regions of Turkey, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the European Union Education and Youth Programs Center Presidency grant support from the National Agency of Turkey in the project, which took place two volunteers for each region.


starting with training and project participants with photography covering the whole of Turkey in Istanbul traveled to the area where his hometown is located. different human stories that make up the colors of Turkey during trips; Reflections of the ancient civilizations, cultures, historical and natural values, the livelihood and lifestyle of the people of the city were photographed.

The young people who received 120 hours of photography training in Istanbul went to their hometown with the sponsorship of Turkish Airlines with the cameras provided to them within the scope of the project. They had the opportunity to get to know the people of the region more closely and to photograph them. The project also contributed to fourteen volunteer youths and IMM staff. The photos selected from all photos were submitted to the public voting on the internet. The owners of the top three photos were given a camera as a reward.



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