They Cut the Signaling Cable of the Railway

cut the signaling cable of the railway
cut the signaling cable of the railway

4 persons who cut the signaling cables of the railway passing through the Geyve Doğançay neighborhood with the vehicle with Kocaeli plate, were caught at the scene thanks to the attention of the gendarme. It was stated that while a signaling malfunction occurred on the train road due to the cut cable, it was repaired before a negative situation occurred.

Geyve's Doğançay cut through the signaling cables of the train route passing through Dereköy District, 4 people were caught by a shock raid by the gendarme.

The people who cut the cables on the railway track cut the cables of the signaling network of the railway, where hundreds of people travel every day.

The gendarmerie, who received the information that the cables were cut, caught 4 people who were hiding amongst the reeds in the empty land after the investigation he started at the scene.

The individuals who confessed to the crime they committed in their interrogations were İ.YA, TG, İ.A. and MT were taken into custody together with the 150-meter cable they stole and the 41 ADC 5… plate vehicles that they brought to carry the cable at the scene and brought them to the Gendarmerie Command.

Following the gendarmerie proceedings that launched an investigation about the incident, 4 people will be brought before a sentry court today.

On the other hand, it was stated that the signaling cables cut on the train track were replaced with new ones and that a situation that would cause any disruption in the train services was prevented before the occurrence.Medyab is)



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