The Most Important Brand of Sakarya, TÜVASAŞ No More

transportation trade union general chairman turas turas soon becomes available
transportation trade union general chairman turas turas soon becomes available

Transportation Business Union President Cihad Koray made important statements about 3 institutions gathered under one roof with the decision of the President. He claimed that Koray TÜRASAŞ will be privatized and sold very soon.

The President of the Transportation Work Union, Cihad Koray, made a statement about the three institutions gathered under one roof with the decision of the President.

Last week, TÜLOMSAŞ, TÜDEMSAŞ and TÜVASAŞ gathered under a single roof and became TÜRASAŞ.

Following this decision, Cihad Koray, the President of the Transportation Work Union, made statements while making interesting claims.

Here is that statement of President Cihat Koral; TCDD, TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. Apart from that, the legal status of 3 other Subsidiaries (TÜVASAŞ, TÜDEMSAŞ and TÜLOMSAŞ) were terminated and brought together under the name of TÜRASAŞ. TÜVASAŞ, the most important brand of Sakarya, is now absent…

They say Thursday is coming from Wednesday. It was in 2019 that these 3 institutions would gather under one roof. However, the expectation was that TCDD will remain its subsidiary. However, it was not directly brought together under the name of TÜRASAŞ as the IDT (Economic State Organization) affiliated to the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure.

Regulation of its Legal Status as IDT rather than TCDD's Subsidiary has turned these institutions into a profit-margined institution that will operate according to market conditions instead of producing public services.

TÜVASAŞ and TÜDEMSAŞ, the newest, TÜLOMSAŞ, with a history of half a century and more than a century, has been the institutions that have saved our country from being dependent on the outside, which meets the vehicle needs of our country. Most importantly, domestic and foreign companies in this sector have not left their price setting initiative to them. What is the purpose of destroying a half-century-old institution, while experiencing the excitement of putting the National Train on the tracks from the General Manager working at TÜVASAŞ to his chamberman today and the end of the realization of this project? The purpose is clear; It is the easiest way to evaporate IDT Public Institutions.

There is no KIT to sell, let's install and sell new ones. ”This is what is desired to be done.

The number of SEEs that can be sold has decreased very much. Most of the IDT were sold. The biggest of the GCCs such as PTT and TCDD were converted to AŞ with the laws passed before. They will break them up and start and sell new companies. The SEEs that are available are prepared to be sold; one of the indicators that new ones will be established to sell; In order to be appointed as members of the board of directors, the condition of being an expert on their subjects has been removed. Even a single name within the Board of Directors of the General Directorate of TCDD, consisting of 5 members, is not of TCDD Origin. It is composed of names originating from Municipality and Highways. In TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ, only one name is of TCDD origin.

There are only two organizations left that are KIK but not structured as a joint stock company. One is Coastal Safety, the other is the General Directorate of State Airports Authority. They will soon be converted to AŞ with a CB Decree, and will be privatized.

Goods to be sold is over: new ones need to be installed. Already, they changed the Decree No. 233 for this purpose. With a President's decree, new joint stock companies with public capital can be established without having to comply with any principles, limits and criteria. Just like the Tank Pallet factory, one piece of the SEEs, which are the wealth of the remaining country, will be cut and transferred to the private sector.

The newly established TÜRASAŞ will have to compete with domestic and foreign companies in this sector, which will operate according to market conditions.

One of these;

There is a BMC of Ethem Sancak, who was given 571 000 500 TL incentive to establish a railway system production facility in Sakarya.

The approach of organized workers and civil servants' unions in these institutions and their reactions vary depending on the vision and mission they undertake, the place and the sectors they represent. Transportation Business Union has been the only one who has declared against this unification and their new legal status.

As Transportation Business Union, we are against this merger because;

The disappearance of the biggest and most recognized brand of Eskişehir, Sivas and Sakarya provinces,

With the change of their legal status, the legal entity, which is the General Directorate, to end.

In every position that makes great efforts to put the national train on the tracks, the efforts of the staff working in these institutions are worthless,

The uncertainty of the fate of the persons working in positions such as General Manager, Assistant General Managers, Heads of Departments, Legal Counselor, Chairman of the Board of Inspectors due to not being included in the positions transferred to TÜRASAŞ,

High probability of staff gathering in Consultant and Chief Expert portions in Ankara,

Although it is included in the decree that all of the workers and civil servants are transferred to the newly established company, the uncertainty of how many employees, civil servants, subcontractors, who have reached 5500 will continue to employ, considering that TÜRASAŞ can do some work in partnership with the private sector,

Since these three institutions do not have their own operating areas, it is not known how much of these immovable assets will be transferred to TÜRASAŞ because of the fact that indoor, open spaces and social facilities belong to TCDD,

Most importantly, we oppose this merger as we think that the next process will result in liquidation or privatization due to the removal of TCDD from its Subsidiary.

The clearest image for now; The names of TÜVASAŞ, TÜDEMSAŞ and TÜLOMSAŞ are history and the pawns that have been citing the pawns for temporary titles, and those who have acted under the command of the government, not the state, against the political will to keep their positions in the same box.

In addition to struggling to realize the danger they will have to experience in the near future, we will continue to inform the public in the Sakarya, Eskişehir and Sivas provinces where these factories are established. (Medyab is)


  1. 3 subsidiaries were doing their services at a very high cost, tcdd was hurt ... .. it would be better if it would leave tcdd.