Trabzon Metropolitan Buses and Minibuses Disinfect Against Coronation

trabzon disinfects bus and minibus against coronavirus
trabzon disinfects bus and minibus against coronavirus

Trabzon Municipality, coronavirus in Turkey (Covidien-19) after the occurrence of cases increased supervision and disinfection work. Bus disinfection, which is routinely carried out twice a month by the Metropolitan Municipality teams, will be carried out every day with the instructions of the Metropolitan Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu.

In Trabzon, which hosts many local and foreign tourists, social facilities, municipal buildings and public places are also disinfected along with buses and minibuses used by the public within the scope of the measures taken against the coronavirus.


Making a statement about the work done, Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Ahmet Adanur said that his priorities are buses, minibuses, social facilities and areas used by citizens. Explaining that they act within the scope of the recommendations issued by the Ministry of Health, General Secretary Adanur said, “There are very serious measures taken by our government and the Ministry of Health in this sense. The measures that perhaps many countries in the world could not take were taken in the best way in our country. ”


Secretary General Adanur emphasized that since the emergence of the coronavirus, they carried out the necessary disinfection activities in public facilities, municipal buildings and public places as well as in public transportation. Pointing out that they have increased their studies due to the rapid spread of the virus recently, Adanur said, “We have tightened the disinfection processes in public transportation vehicles. Yesterday the mayor of the virus seen in Turkey after our instruction, we will disinfect our tools every day. Likewise, we are in communication with the chauffeurs community regarding public transport. We started to do similar works in all minibuses in Trabzon. In minibuses, just like our buses, we took disinfection measures to prevent the transmission of the virus, at least in places where our citizens use it collectively. As Metropolitan Municipality, we continue to increase our efforts in all places where we can take measures to prevent the incident from occurring in Trabzon. Our priority is buses, minibuses, social facilities and areas used by citizens ”.

On the other hand, Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality started to distribute information leaflets on coronavirus protection routes for hanging on schools, mosques and social facilities.

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