Tourists Can Now Stay at Konaklı Ski Center

tourists will now be able to stay at konakli ski resort
tourists will now be able to stay at konakli ski resort

Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality has brought a brand new breath to the tourism of the city. A hotel with extremely stylish designs with a capacity of 76 beds was built in Konaklı Ski Center by the Metropolitan Municipality. In Konaklı Hotel, which is established on a floor area of ​​3 thousand square meters, every detail is considered from the conference hall with theater layout to the restaurant, while elegance and comfort are offered together in the rooms. Konaklı Hotel, which is 25 kilometers away from Erzurum city center, offers ski lovers the opportunity to be in touch with nature, as well as a specially designed ski equipment store for those interested in skiing.


Making an assessment on the subject, Metropolitan Mayor Mehmet Sekmen pointed out that accommodation is the leading factor that adds quality to the tourism sector and said, “We have been continuing to invest in Erzurum since the day we took office. In this sense, we have completed the construction of our Konaklı Hotel and made it ready for service. Good luck to our city and the tourism life of our country. ” Mayor Sekmen also gave information about the hotel built and completed in Konaklı Ski Center. Noting that Konaklı Hotel has 36 rooms and 76 beds, Mayor Sekmen said, “Our hotel also has a meeting room with a capacity of 100 people with a theater layout. Our hotel was designed in such a way that meetings and congresses can be held if needed. ”


Each room of Konaklı Hotel, designed with very elegant lines, draws attention with its comfort. The rooms have everything available in a five-star hotel room, including a welcome set, heating-cooling system, shower cabin, television, telephone, desk, safe and wardrobe. The hotel has an open area of ​​6 thousand square meters and a special place has been designed for guests who want to rent ski equipment. In this way, holiday lovers will both be in touch with nature and enjoy the unique ski slopes in Konaklı Ski Center. With this beautiful investment, Konaklı Ski Center on Erzurum-Bingöl highway will become a shining star just like Palandöken Ski Center.

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