Social Distance Control in Public Transportation

social distance control in public transport vehicles
social distance control in public transport vehicles

The circular on 50 percent number of passengers in public transportation and sitting at a safe distance against the corona virus epidemic started to be implemented in Antalya as well. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality also carried out audits in public transportation vehicles. While police teams were checking for citizens over 65 years old on the Closed Road, they warned everyone to follow the “stay at home” call.

With the Coronavirus Circular, published by the Ministry of Interior, it was forbidden to carry more than 50 percent of its capacity to public transportation vehicles. In accordance with the decision, the Traffic Police teams of the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department carried out an audit to reduce the number of passengers in public transport and to implement the circular regarding the safe sitting of the passengers in the vehicles.


After the circular, which envisaged 50 percent of the passenger carrying capacity specified in the vehicle license of the public transport vehicles and the way the occupants in the vehicle would prevent contact, the teams acted and checked the number of passengers and whether the passengers were seated at a safe distance. .


Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Planning and Rail System Department's information scheme about the seating arrangement of the passengers was hung on the vehicles serving in public transportation. According to the scheme, the seats next to the passengers will remain empty, while the rear seats can sit on the cross seats. Citizens will be warned with visuals about the protection of social distance.


Metropolitan Municipality Police officers also supervised citizens over the age of 65, who were restricted from going out on the Closed Road. While the teams warned the people who are not suitable to go to their homes, they also warned citizens under the age of 65 to stay at home. Police teams also warned citizens to avoid sitting on benches on the Off Road.

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