Thermal Camera Precaution Against Coronavirus in AŞTİ

Thermal Camera Onron Against Coronal Virus In ASTI
Thermal Camera Onron Against Coronal Virus In ASTI

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to take new measures against the coronavirus epidemic. In this context, thermal cameras were installed at the entrance and exit gates to protect public health in AŞTİ, which is the common point of thousands of passengers every day. Entries and exits to Ankara Intercity Bus Company started to be provided through only 2 doors, while passenger lowering and loading points at 4 points were also canceled. Metropolitan Municipality Police Department Head Mustafa Koç said that people with an epidemic risk will be detected faster thanks to thermal cameras that measure fire from a distance.

Continuing its effective fight against the coronavirus epidemic throughout the capital, the Metropolitan Municipality continues to take new measures in places where citizens are concentrated.

Metropolitan Municipality finally switched to thermal imaging application in AŞTİ, where thousands of passengers travel every day.


In AŞTİ, 2 cameras were placed on the entrance and exit floors, while the other doors were closed. Entrance and exits are only provided through two doors, while passenger lowering and loading points at 4 points are canceled.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which has implemented the measures prioritizing public health one by one, will instantly detect citizens with a temperature of 38 degrees and above thanks to the thermal cameras it has installed in AŞTİ and will be sent to the hospital accompanied by an ambulance, medical team and police.


Continuing regular cleaning and disinfection activities in every part of the capital and especially in public places, the Metropolitan Municipality makes warnings by distributing leaflets about coronavirus to citizens coming to AŞTİ.

Stating that all passengers, especially those who enter and exit the bus terminal with the placed thermal cameras, will quickly detect whether they have a fever against any risk situation, the Chief of Police Department Mustafa Koç shared the following information about the new application:

“AŞTİ is one of the main centers that accept passengers to Ankara. Therefore, we have taken many additional measures to ensure that an infected citizen in the Capital does not carry the disease to other provinces or those who come from outside Ankara do not bring viruses to our city. At the beginning of these, we removed the intermediate stops by the order of our President Mr. Mansur Yavas. We make the entrance and exits to all Ankara by road transportation from a single center. We subject our incoming citizens to fire measurement with a thermal camera security system. We direct the citizens whose fever is below 38 degrees to the bus without any procedures or leave the incoming passenger to the city. If the fever is high, we immediately wear a mask and inform the ambulance and medical teams waiting outside. Our police officer friends are also overseeing our citizens. The medical teams take the citizen to the designated hospital. By closing all the entrance and exit doors, we provide the entrance and exit to AŞTİ only through the door where the thermal camera control is made. With the new system we will set up as of Monday, we will take the passengers who come separately from the separate door. The disinfection works carried out by our Metropolitan Municipality since the first day are carried out continuously with a special team established only for AŞTİ. We are also continuing our measures to prevent infection that can be transmitted from the surfaces. ”


In addition to the measures taken at Ankara Intercity Bus Company against the rapidly spreading coronavirus in the world, the Metropolitan Municipality also canceled the "Intercity Download and Overlay Points" in 4 different regions for precautionary purposes.

Until the risk of epidemic passes, passenger lowering and loading will be carried out from AŞTİ only from a single center.

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