Satellite Calls by Capitals to Call at Home ... Use of Public Transport Has Decreased Significantly

the use of satellite public transport in the capital city evdekal call important dust
the use of satellite public transport in the capital city evdekal call important dust

📩 24/03/2020 14:54

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has also increased its measures since March due to the coronavirus (Covid19) epidemic, which has influenced the whole world.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which frequently warns the citizens against the risk of epidemic for public health and realizes the measure packages one after another, suspended the free car use of citizens aged 65 and over while temporarily stopping the cable car service. While Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş called “At HomeKal” to take notice of these warnings, a significant decrease was observed in public transportation use in Ankara.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its cleaning and disinfection activities carried out in public transportation vehicles, which are used by the public, within the scope of combating the coronavirus (Covid19) epidemic.

In order to protect public health, it was observed that the capitalists took these warnings into consideration while paying attention to the maximum use of public transportation vehicles. It was noted that the number of citizens using public transport decreased by over 80 percent in March.


With the instructions of Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, who repeated the call of “HomeKal” to the capital city, EGO buses, ANKARAY and Metro, taxi and minibuses, stations and stops are disinfected daily.

Mayor Yavaş, who instantly implemented the precautionary packages against the risk of epidemic, announced that they temporarily stopped the Teleferik service and suspended the use of free cards for citizens aged 65 and over. After the precautions and warnings, it was observed that citizens across the city got less on the streets and used public transportation less. According to the data of Rail Systems Department, the use of ANKARAKART decreased from day to day in public transportation vehicles such as EGO Buses, Ropeway, ANKARAY, Metro, ELV, ÖHA and TCDD between March 2-23.


There has been a serious decrease in the use of public transportation vehicles with the curfew restriction of citizens aged 65 and over, especially the closure of the cable car line.

The total number of passengers using public transportation vehicles (EGO Buses, Cable Car, ANKARAY, Metro, ELV, ÖHA and TCDD) in the capital was 2 million 1 thousand 696 on March 595, this figure decreased to 23 thousand 338 on March 74. .

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