Transportation of Hamitler in Bursa is on the Etap Etap Road

the transportation of the hamit in bursa is on the way to the stage
the transportation of the hamit in bursa is on the way to the stage

After the first stage road works completed by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality in Gür Street, Hamitler District, the second stage asphalting works are also ongoing.

Continuing works such as road expansion and new roads, promoting public transportation, optimization of rail system signalization for healthier and more comfortable transportation in Bursa, Metropolitan Municipality also makes existing roads in the main arteries more healthy. In this context, the works on Gür Street, where the vehicle traffic is the most intense in Hamitler District, continue step by step. In the first stage of the studies, improvements were made on the surface of the road with the 750m road going and the 500m split road west-east direction excavation filling works. At this stage, approximately 3,1 million TL was spent with the asphalt coating works. The second phase works on Gür Street were started without slowing down by the Metropolitan Municipality. While the necessary excavation works were being carried out, the improvement works on the road surface came to an end. At this stage, while an investment of approximately 1 million Turkish lira is envisaged, the investment in Gür Street in total will exceed 4 million TL.

Goal, comfortable transportation

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş examined the ongoing road works on Hamitler Gür Caddesi. Receiving information about the studies from Gazali Şen, the Head of the Transportation Department, President Aktaş said, “We are currently working intensively at 5 different locations related to transportation in the center. One of them is Gür Street in our Hamitler Neighborhood. Hamites is one of our neighborhoods that have been developing very rapidly in recent years. We completed our first stage works on Gür Street last year. We also examined the second stage works, which are continuing rapidly, on site. The work will be a bit troublesome to those who are in some navigation, but hopefully, an environment that will suit this region will be created. All street connections will come to very appropriate standards. Our transportation and road related investments continue without slowing down. Because we want Bursa to be easily reached and we really want people to travel very easily when they are driving by car. We are working hard to ensure this. The work is already good for our neighborhood, our region, "he said.



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