Stay at Home Was Written by Red Lights in Bozüyük

stay at home in red lights
stay at home in red lights

'Stay home' was written on the red lights in the entire traffic signalization system in the town center in Bozüyük.

Bozüyük Municipality supported the “stay at home” calls made in order to prevent the spread of the global epidemic in our country and to be protected. Municipal teams wrote 'stay at home' on the red lights in the signaling system on various streets and streets of the district. Citizens are warned by writing 'stay at home' on the digital clock and degree indicator placed in the center of the district. In Bozüyük, citizens are also called for 'stay at home' during the voice announcements that are made frequently throughout the day. Especially for citizens over 65 years old, the words "Please do not go out on the streets unless it is necessary" are used in the announcements which are called "Staying in your homes, is vital for the health of you and your loved ones."

The words 'stay at home' written on the signalings to raise awareness for the prevention of the global epidemic did not escape the attention of citizens and drivers. Stating that the issue is important, citizens expressed that they support the calls to "stay home".

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