Pedestrian Overpass Coming to Sekapark Tram Stop

pedestrian crossing at the sekapark tram stop
pedestrian crossing at the sekapark tram stop

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which facilitates transportation in the Izmit district center by offering the Akçaray tram line to the service of citizens, continues its works on the tram line. A pedestrian overpass will be built on Sekapark Station Stop, so that pedestrians can comfortably travel from the stops on the tram line. Metropolitan Municipality tendered for the construction of a new pedestrian overpass to Sekapark Station Stop.


Passengers getting off at Sekapark Station Stop on the Akçaray tram line used a longer route to reach the Western Terminal and Sekapark. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality will build a new pedestrian overpass for citizens to quickly pass from the station stop to the Western Terminal and Sekapark. The pedestrian overpass, which will be built right next to Sekapark Station Stop, will be constructed of 88 meters long, 3 meters wide, two spans and steel material. There will also be an elevator for disabled people in the pedestrian overpass.


11 companies submitted bids for the tender held in the main service building of Izmit district of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. In the tender, Kamanlı Özak İnşaat made the highest bid with TL 4 million 488 thousand, while Gürtur İnşaat and Sefabay İnşaat partnered with the lowest bid with TL 3 million 345 thousand.

pedestrian crossing at the sekapark tram stop
pedestrian crossing at the sekapark tram stop



Gürtur İnş. + Sefa Bay İnş.

3 million 345 thousand TL

Emay Architect. Const.

3 million 632 thousand TL

Mehmet Aydın - Asel 1 Cons.

3 million 742 thousand TL

Atlasbk Const.

3 million 821 thousand TL

Bekir Toroglu

3 million 881 thousand TL

More professionals named Mehmet Avşarlıgil

3 million 893 thousand TL

Saltikoğulları Mu.

3 million 924 thousand TL

Contact Özdemir directly

4 million 147 thousand TL

Erşan İnş. + Gölpınar Const.

4 million 214 thousand TL

Ufuk Çınar - Tasarım İnş.

4 million 311 thousand TL

Kamanlı Özak Cons.

4 million 488 thousand TL


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