Intercity buses to be done with the permission of the Governor's Office

intercity bus services will be made with the permission of the governor's office
intercity bus services will be made with the permission of the governor's office

The Ministry of Internal Affairs issued a circular on intercity bus passenger transportation within the scope of the coronavirus notifications to 81 Provincial Governorships. According to the circular, intercity buses will be subject to the governor's permit by 17.00 today.

The circular sent by the Ministry of Interior is as follows; “As in the whole world, the main feature of the coronavirus (Covid-19) virus, which has increased cases in our country, is physical contact, airway, etc. It can be transmitted very quickly and the number of infected people increases very quickly. The most effective way of preventing the spread of this epidemic is to reduce social mobility and human contact and provide social isolation. Otherwise, the spread of the virus accelerates, the number of cases and the need for treatment increase; With the risk of our citizens losing their lives, public health and public order are seriously disrupted.

In this context; In order to prevent the spread of the virus and to protect the public health and public order by increasing the effectiveness of the decisions taken in line with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the Science Committee, the following additional measures have been taken regarding the intercity bus transportation. Within the scope of additional measures taken;

1-By the order of our President, bus services between the provinces can be made only from 28.03.2020:17 on 00 with the permission of the governorships.

2- It is essential that all our citizens stay in the city where they are located. However, the intercity travel of citizens who have been dispatched by the doctor's decision due to their treatment needs, who have died in the first degree relatives or who have serious illnesses and who do not have a place to stay in the last fifteen days, can be carried out with the permission of the Governor's Office.

3- Citizens who are obliged to travel between the provinces will apply to the Travel Permit Board, which will be established under the coordination of the governors / district governors, and request a travel document. For those whose request is deemed appropriate, an intercity bus travel permit will be issued by the board, including the travel route and duration.

4- If the Travel Permit Board is chaired by the public official to be determined by the governor / district governor, there will be a civil society representative on the subject, if there is no safety representative, municipal representative, bus station officer and related professional chamber representative. These boards will serve at the bus terminals and for this purpose, the places suitable for the quality of the task will be allocated.

5- By the Travel Permission Board, bus expedition planning will be made and information will be provided to those concerned, taking into account the applications made by those who have been granted intercity bus travel permits.

6- Health checkpoints will be established at the bus terminal departures in order to carry out the health checks of the passengers and staff on the buses that are allowed to travel, and the bus will start the journey after the health checks of the passengers are made.

7- By the Travel Permit Board, the list of citizens traveling by bus, their phone numbers, and the passenger lists with their addresses in their destination will be notified to the Governorate in the city to be visited.

8- The passengers who are informed by the governorships that they will come to their provinces will be checked at the city entrances. If a situation requiring quarantine is detected, the persons concerned will be quarantined for 14 days. Among those who are not quarantined, citizens who need to be kept under observation for 14 days will be notified of their stay at home and will be checked for compliance.

9- In this process, all personnel who will work at bus stations will be checked at routine intervals.

10- The buses that are allowed to travel will only stop at the city bus terminals on the travel routes and they will be able to take the passengers who are allowed to travel by the Governorships of the provinces in which they stop, if there is a gap in their capacity.

11- During the process, the bus services of the bus companies will be banned.

12- Necessary measures will be planned at the road control points by the Governorships to prevent unauthorized trips.

13- The places where buses take a break on their routes will be inspected by the governorships in terms of continuous hygiene rules and they will be enabled to operate in accordance with the health rules.

Within the framework of the said decisions, the necessary decisions to be taken urgently by the provincial governors to stop the bus services from 11:27 on 72 in accordance with the Article 28.03.2020 / C of the Provincial Administration Law and the 17th and 00th articles of the General Sanitary Law. / implementation and follow-up of the issue by our law enforcement units should not cause any problems in practice.

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