Strict Control of Urban and Intercity Public Transportation in Şanlıurfa

Sanliurfada strict control of urban and intercity transportation
Sanliurfada strict control of urban and intercity transportation

While Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality teams continue their disinfection activities throughout the city, the Police teams within the Metropolitan Municipality; this time after restaurant, restaurant and bakery inspections
initiated strict implementation in passenger transport vehicles.

Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality is working intensely with the principle of "No panic, there is a measure" across the city against the Corona Virus (COVID-19). On the one hand, the metropolitan teams carry out disinfection studies throughout the province, while the police teams within the Metropolitan Municipality continue their strict practices within the framework of the decisions of the Ministry of Interior and Provincial Hygiene Committee.

Continuing its daily routine restaurants, restaurants and bakery inspections since the previous days, the Metropolitan Police warned vehicle drivers and citizens by creating checkpoints in many areas where transportation was intense.


Evaluating all the details in the city, on the ring roads and on intercity bus terminals, such as in-city public transportation, public transportation for the districts and inter-city public transportation, the Metropolitan Police notified the last measures taken both for drivers and passengers.

Accordingly, within the scope of the measures, all kinds of public transportation vehicles will transport passengers up to half of their current capacity. Legal action will be taken within the framework of the law for companies that do not comply with these matters or for drivers of private individuals.


The only purpose in the Metropolitan Police, which gives information about the subject to the citizens in vehicles at the point of application, is to carry out studies focused on human health without giving place. In the announcement of the Metropolitan Police that warns drivers and citizens on the subject, “In this process, we evaluate the approaches that can pose a danger to human health even more closely. We want all our citizens to comply with these rules for themselves and the society. ”

Metropolitan Police will continue its practices in the same way in the upcoming processes.


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