Coronavirus Barrier to Public Transportation in Samsun

mass transportation coronavirus disability
mass transportation coronavirus disability

Samsun Project Transportation Reconstruction Construction Yat. Singing. ve Tic. A.Ş. (SAMULAŞ A.Ş.), due to the measures taken regarding the epidemic of corona virus, after March 13, the number of passengers decreased by 64 percent in the rail system and 64 percent in buses.

In the statement made by SAMULAS, it was announced that the number of passengers decreased day after day due to the corona virus outbreak. The statement said, 'There is a rapid decline in passenger movements as of 14 March, especially after students and employees who have been given administrative permission within the scope of the circular'.

According to the statement, 13 thousand 63 passengers were served in the rail system on March 227, 16 thousand 36 on March 414, 17 thousand 30 on March 978, and 18 thousand 22 on March 874. In the bus business, the use fell to 13 passengers on March 32, 209 passengers on March 16, 18 passengers on March 857, and 17 passengers on March 15.

In the statement, the passengers who used student tariffs from March 13 to March 18 decreased by 83.93 percent, passengers using the civil tariff by 43.74 percent and free passengers by 59.90 percent. In general, the number of passengers decreased by 64 percent in the rail system and 63 percent in the bus company.

It was also emphasized that more decline will be expected for the passengers who are in the risky group and benefit from public transportation service free of charge. In this statement, SAMULAŞ said, 'Therefore, it is inevitable to make restrictions on our flights in the rail system and bus operation at a rate not to disturb the passenger comfort. We especially warn that our passengers, who are risk groups, and all our passengers, follow the public and do not go out unless they are in trouble '.



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