Sabiha Gökçen Metro Stops

sabiha gokcen metro stops
sabiha gokcen metro stops

It is announced that the new Sabiha Gökçen Tavşantepe Metro Line, which is highly anticipated, will be put into service by 2020.

Current M4 Kadıköy-Tavşantepe metro line is the operation that will be allocated to Sabiha Gökçen Airport direction after Tavsantepe. It will be combined with the M10 Pendik-Sabiha Gökçen Airport line coming from Pendik at Fevzi Çakmak station and a joint operation will be made in this section.

When will Sabiha Gökçen Tavşantepe Metro Line open?

The construction of M16.03.2015 Tavşantepe-Sabiha Gökçen metro line started on 4 under the contractor of Gülermak-YSE Ordinary Partnership, with a cost of 169.500.000 EUR It is stated that the project, which is 7.5km long, has a capacity of 70.000 passengers and has a 12-minute transportation time, will open in 2020.

Istanbul Railway System Map

The first phase of the line was completed in 1 and Kadıköy was opened to service with 21,7 stations in the section of 16 km between Kartal and Kartal. With the construction of Yakacık-Adnan Kahveci, Pendik and Tavsantepe stations, the second phase of the line was also completed. With the 2nd stage, the length of the line reached 2 km and the number of stations increased to 26,5. An average duration of the line is 19 minutes. The metro, which starts at 82:06.00 in the morning, continues to operate until 24.00:4. Every XNUMX minutes, passengers save time.

Line, KadıköyStarting from, it sits on the D100 route in Acıbadem region and follows this route until Tavsantepe. On the line, there are 52 vehicles (13 trains) capacity warehouses and a 32-vehicle maintenance workshop between Maltepe and Nursing Home stations and in the Maltepe Station area. The entire line was built underground, including warehouse and workshop areas.

The tunnels of the line, Kadıköy TBM between Kozyatağı and Kartal - Kaynarca; Between Kozyatağı and Kartal, it was excavated by the NATM method. Bostancı Station has an additional rail line and two side platforms, considering the need for alternative operation. All other stations are built as side platforms. The station is 180 meters long and has a structure suitable for 8-train operation. The facility has 259 escalators and 70 elevators. Access service is provided with 30 turnstiles, 315 of which are designed to allow passengers with disabilities.

System Safety and Security

Kadıköy Smoke and passenger evacuation scenarios have been prepared for the adverse events that may occur in Tavsantepe Metro Line and simulations have been tested by making simulations. With a total of 991 cameras at the stations, the system is constantly monitored, controlled and inspected by security guards.

The signaling of the line and the storage area has a mobile communication based Mobile Block system. The signaling system is Thales CBTC system and trains have driverless parking.

All equipment used in the construction of the line is selected from materials that are resistant to high temperature and do not emit toxic gases. In the event of fire, to ensure the evacuation of the passengers as soon as possible and safely; There is a reliable smoke control and evacuation system in accordance with the standards, especially NFPA, which can operate fully automatically.

Kadıköy In Tavsantepe Metro Line, the energy supply of the entire system is made from 3 different points. In the event that all three feed points are disabled, generators at 2 different ends are activated. With the introduction of the generators, all the trains in the tunnel are transported to the nearest station and the evacuation of the passengers is provided. In such a situation that the energy supply cannot be provided and the generators fail; lighting system and electronic control systems can be fed for 3 hours via uninterrupted power supplies.

Transportation Systems Integration

  • Kadıköy At the station, T3 Kadıköy - Moda Tram Line, city lines, sea buses and sea engines,
  • At Ayrılık Fountain Station, Marmaray,
  • At Ünalan Station,
  • In Pendik Station, transfer can be made to Pendik High Speed ​​Train Station via IETT buses.

Kadıköy Tavsantepe Metro Stops

  • Kadıköy
  • Ayrilik Cesmesi
  • Bitter almond
  • Ünalan
  • Göztepe
  • Yenisahra
  • Kozyatağı
  • Bostanci
  • Küçükyalı
  • Malta
  • nursing home
  • Rose water
  • Esenkent
  • Hospital-Justice
  • Soganlik
  • Kartal
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  • Pendik
  • Tavşantepe

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