The Importance Of The Bicycle Will Be Reminded With The 'Remember Your Bike Eskişehir' Slogan

remember your bike, the importance of the bike will be remembered with the slogan of eskisehir
remember your bike, the importance of the bike will be remembered with the slogan of eskisehir

Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality is preparing to strengthen its investments in public transportation in the city center with bicycle roads that comply with the standards. Within the scope of the project, which is included in the Eskişehir Transportation Master Plan, the existing bicycle roads were improved, and a new road network was determined with bicycle associations. In addition, before the project was implemented, the importance of the bicycle was planned to be reminded to the people of Eskişehir by the various events with the slogan 'Remember Your Bike Eskişehir' by the Metropolitan Municipality.

In Eskişehir, which is a city suitable for bicycle transportation due to its flat geography, the habit of using the bicycle as a means of transportation in the past years will be reminded to citizens. The bicycle network, which is included in the strategic plan of the Metropolitan Municipality and has a wide place in the Eskişehir Transportation Master Plan, will be integrated into public transportation and will be activated in urban transportation. In this context, the Metropolitan Municipality, acting in partnership with bicycle associations and non-governmental organizations, took action to improve the existing roads and to create the main bicycle axis of the city between the important public institutions in the city center, Anadolu University and Eskişehir Osmangazi University.

WRI Turkey and partner in The Netherlands Bicycle Consulate cooperation 'Come Turkey bike' project three pilot cities from one Eskisehir he recalled that Mayor Yılmaz Büyükerşen "especially the Sugar Factory in past years, Tulomsas, large factories of our laborers as Textile Factory was reached with bicycles. However, parallel to the development of the automotive industry, cars and even cars entered every home. It became a sports activity vehicle rather than a bicycle transportation vehicle. However, cities are no longer able to handle the increasing number of vehicles. Therefore, as a society, we should remember the value of bicycles again, and as local governments, we should develop policies in line with this understanding. In this context, the WRI Turkey are one of three pilot cities chosen in this area. As part of the project, a workshop was held in our city in October, and cycling communities and staff from our municipality came together. The ideas of associations and non-governmental organizations are very valuable for bicycle routes that comply with the standard dimensions, which we also allocate a large place in our Transportation Master Plan. Because cycling communities are made up of our fellow citizens who use the bike for transportation and see the problems in the city center. We plan to establish a 3-kilometer bicycle network in our city, the main axis of which is between universities, and to integrate this bicycle network into bicycle parks and public transport. ”

This indicates that the start of the study and president Büyükerşen opportunity and will be implemented, WRI bike through various activities to Eskişehir in Turkey and said they recalled the importance of partnership. Büyükerşen said: “We had a campaign preparation with bicycle communities at the meeting in October. In this context, while we are building roads, on the other hand, we want to increase our people's interest in bicycles and remind them of the importance of bicycles in public transportation. For this purpose, we will first open an exhibition that we will announce through bilboards and social media and willingly create nostalgic bicycles and bicycles photos from our fellow citizens. We want to show that work, home, market, school, in short, everywhere can be reached by bicycle, and this has been done very efficiently in the past years. First of all, we will start the campaign by saying 'Remember your Bike Eskişehir' ”.

Stating that the campaign will start shortly and will be announced on bilboards and social media, Metropolitan Municipality officials stated that nostalgic bicycles and photographs of bicycles will be collected by going to the citizens' homes. The authorities also underlined that this campaign will continue with different events throughout the year.

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