Compulsory Express Line to Odunpazarı-Medical Faculty

Compulsory express line to odunpazari type faculty
Compulsory express line to odunpazari type faculty

Eskişehir because every day more spread corona virus outbreak in Turkey, Osmangazi University Rector of the bus with the decision of the Order was banned to enter into the campus. Acting upon the decision, Metropolitan Municipality announced that on Monday, March 23, 2020, the lines between Odunpazarı and ESOGU will be arranged temporarily and the express line will serve on this route.

Institutions continue to take various measures to prevent the spread of the corona virus outbreak. Finally, the Rectorate of Eskişehir Osmangazi University has taken a series of decisions regarding the epidemic. As per the decisions taken, it was announced that public transportation vehicles numbered Black 2, Black 4, Black 8, Blue 12, Black 14, Black 19, Black 23, Black 24, Black 43, Red 44 and Black 54 will not be taken into the campus.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which acted upon the decision, made a new arrangement regarding the specified lines. Explaining that the last stop of the vehicles is inside the campus and there is no point where the vehicles can wait without disrupting the traffic, the Metropolitan Municipality announced that these lines will reach Odunpazarı and then reach the Faculty of Medicine with the Express Line of Medicine. Stating that the citizens coming to Odunpazarı with these lines will get on the express lines that will depart every 15 minutes, the Metropolitan Municipality officials stated that the information about the new application was hanged to all the stops along Atatürk Boulevard.



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