New Regulation for Bus and Tram Flights in Konya

new arrangement for bus and tram services in konya
new arrangement for bus and tram services in konya

Konya Metropolitan Municipality announced that arrangements were made for bus and tram services due to coronavirus.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality made the following statement: “Because of the coronavirus epidemic, our municipalities should not be able to leave the house as much as possible, so the tariffs were made by our municipality as a result of the decreasing demand for public transportation vehicles.

Despite the arrangement, very few passengers in our buses and trams; some flights have been decided to be reorganized because there are no passengers.

New departure times ATUS. konya.bel.t is Our trams will continue to work in pairs at the start and end times of the work and singles at other times.

We kindly request that our fellow citizens, who use public transportation vehicles, follow the changing public transportation schedules on the ATUS website and the transportation section of our municipality's mobile application. ”

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