Moscow Kazan High Speed ​​Train Project Canceled

moscow boiler high speed train project canceled
moscow boiler high speed train project canceled

It was announced that the high-speed train line project planned to be built between Moscow and Kazan was stopped due to its high cost. According to the RBK report, Marat Husnullin, who was also from Kazanli, who was recently promoted to the position of Deputy Prime Minister of Moscow, said that the Moscow-Kazan high-speed train line project was not given up, but was postponed to a later date.

Husnullin, on the other hand, stated that work is underway for the implementation of a new highway project between Moscow and Kazan.

The issue of constructing an 800-kilometer high-speed train line between Moscow and Kazan has been on the agenda since 2013. Thanks to the project, it was announced that the duration of the train journey between the two cities was planned to be reduced from 11,5 hours to 3,5 hours.

The cost of the project was originally announced as 1 trillion rubles, then it was increased to 1,7 trillion rubles ($ 22,9 billion). (turkrus)



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