Ministry of Commerce Made a Statement on the Measures at Çeşme Port

ministry of commerce clarifies corps on measures at port
ministry of commerce clarifies corps on measures at port

📩 24/03/2020 11:47

In the statement made by the Ministry of Commerce, the following information was given: The following statement was made by our Ministry upon the claims in some press and broadcasting organs related to customs activities in Çeşme Port.

As it is known, despite coronavirus (COVID-19), trade continues in our country as well as in the whole world. Within the scope of the measures taken against the coronavirus, the Ministry of Commerce has been working with precision in our customs since the first day.

In this context, Iranian and Iraqi gates were closed first and protective measures were taken at all customs. Masks, gloves and disinfectants were supplied on 31.01.2020 for the Customs Directorate of Çeşme, which is the subject of the claims, and customs procedures continue to be carried out by taking strict protective measures.

3 ships make regular trips between Çeşme - Italy / Trieste to Çeşme Customs Directorate on Sunday, Tuesday and Friday of the week. As of 28.02.2020, the passengers and drivers' entries have been stopped, incoming ships do not carry passengers and drivers. The crew of the ship is strictly not allowed to enter / exit the ship and contact with the people working on land, and the ships and vehicles are disinfected.

When the ship is docked, the covers are disinfected, the protective mask and the trailer with the special hammer are taken with all kinds of precautions, and all the trailers leaving the ship are disinfected. When the ship is completely emptied, the loading is started by disinfection again.

Whether the drivers who want to enter the port bonded area to take the trailers arriving by ship, whether they enter our country from abroad within 14 days are questioned from the database of the General Directorate of Security and the appropriate ones are taken to the port. In the research carried out on the system, procedures are carried out by informing the quarantine authority about the ones found to be unsuitable and the application is followed precisely.

On the other hand, by the security of the Port Authority, daily fire measurement of all field workers entering the port is also performed.

The U15 RO-RO ship, which is the subject of the claims, departed from the port of Trieste in Italy on 17.03.2020, and approached the port of Çeşme on 20.03.2020 at 17.00. Before the ship docked at the port, all field and ship covers were disinfected for sterilization. No passenger and driver came with the ship, and the crew was not allowed to land. Trailers with closed cabin that will make the unloading were also sprayed; Mask, gloves and other protective measures were applied with care to the personnel working during the procedure. Every trailer and vehicle disembarked has been sprayed separately. After the cargo was unloaded, the ship was completely sterilized and moved to the port of Trieste on the morning of 21.03.2020 at 06.15.

Cesme Customs Directorate, ship fire at 17.03.2020 Date before berthing port detected 4 staff, Ministry of Health, Turkey for Border and Coast Health General Directorate was referred to the fountain Coastal Health Inspection Headquarters of the hospital, the virus has been identified in our personnel on 19.03.2020 date as a result of the tests. The first tests of the other 3 personnel were negative, and the second test performed during the hospital surveillance process was negative, and was discharged to provide isolation at home. It was decided to apply quarantine to 45 people who have close contact with our tested personnel.

At all stages, actions are taken in line with the instructions and information of the Public Health Directorate, new assignments have been made from the region and different customs administrations, and all measures and measures have been taken to ensure that there are no disruptions in customs operations and procedures.

As a result, while all precautions taken by our government for the protection of the health of our people and customs personnel, which are our priority, are applied without delay, on the other hand, our activities continue to continue the trade without interruption in our customs, which has a key importance in ensuring the sustainability of the supply chain.

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