Minister Turhan Puts the End Point About TÜVASAŞ 'It Will Not Be Specialized'

minister to put the last point about turhan touvasas
minister to put the last point about turhan touvasas

State Railways of the Republic of Turkey due to the company merged with two other TÜRASAŞ within the last TÜVASAŞ Minister Turhan last point about the allegations made permanently laid. Minister Cahit Turhan, who was visited by M. Nurullah Albayak, the President of Turkish Transportation-You, said, "TÜVASAŞ will not become privatized, on the contrary, it will grow even more."

State Railways Enterprise's subsidiaries that Turkey Wagon Industry (TÜVASAŞ), Turkey Locomotive Engine Industry (TÜLOMSAŞ) and Turkey Railway Machines Industry (TÜDEMSAŞ) with heat joining Turkey Rail System Utilities Industry Corporation (TÜRASAŞ) was established.

After this merger, dozens of comments were made such as “It will be sold to someone else very soon” and “TÜRASAŞ will be privatized”.

on speculation recently made Turkey Kamu-Sen President Önder Kahveci and Turkish Transportation-Sen Chairman m.nurullah Albayrak, Transportation and Infrastructure Minister exchanged views Visiting M. Cahit Turhan.

At the meeting where the TÜVASAŞ and National Train Project was mainly discussed, Minister Turhan said: “We do not have a plan for the privatization of TÜVASAŞ, we are working on strengthening it more.” said.

Turkish Transportation-Sen President M. Nurullah Albayrak, in a statement after the meeting; “As Türk İletişim-Sen, we have been struggling to avoid merging these 2 distinguished partnerships for nearly 3 years. We clearly stated our attitude on this subject by preparing posters and papers. We were concerned that these organizations have been operating successfully for years, and that the removal of the headquarters qualifications will cause these organizations to shrink, lose their functionality, and reduce business volume.

We have thought that the gathering of these institutions, which are of great importance for the provinces in which they operate, under a single roof, will decrease the investments to be made in these provinces, will affect the economy, especially the employees who earn their livelihoods, and thus, all citizens living in these provinces, and cause unemployment to increase.

In addition to all these, we brought the issue to the agenda in TBMM, in consultation with Sivas Deputy Mr. Ahmet Özyürek. The Deputy also held a press release regarding the merging of the subsidiaries under the umbrella of the Turkish Grand National Assembly 3-4 times under the roof of the Parliament. It also held visiting Turkey Kamu-Sen President Önder Kahveci Mr. Bey came in Sakarya TÜVASAŞ and edit the description of the status of the press in the direction of the factory to continue in this way.

The next process will continue to be closely monitored by our union, and our institutions will be improved and struggled to increase business volumes and employment.

Politicians can of course make some decisions. No doubt that we, as the Turkish Transportation-Sen, will follow up the rights of employees by saying the state and the nation first!

If necessary, we will put our body under the stone to prevent the employees working in these institutions from being victimized!

In the next period, I invite non-governmental organizations in Sakarya to come together and claim TÜVASAŞ !. In this context, we talked to the Minister and exchanged views. He promised us that TÜVASAŞ and TÜRASAŞ will not be privatized. On the contrary, he said it would develop further. ”(Hakan Turhan /Medyab is)

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