Disinfectant Devices Installed on Buses in Mersin, Striped on Seats

In Mersin, disinfectant devices were placed on the buses and the seats were drawn.
In Mersin, disinfectant devices were placed on the buses and the seats were drawn.

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality is carrying out important works with all its units by taking measures to protect public health against the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic that spreads to the world and continues to increase. Metropolitan Municipality is increasing its measures in public transportation vehicles used by the majority of citizens who have to work in this process and leave home to meet their basic needs.

Disinfectant was put on buses, a strip was pulled on the seats

In this process, where hand hygiene is very important, Metropolitan Municipality put disinfectants on all city buses in order to minimize the risk of viruses. A new seating arrangement was also created to ensure that passengers do not sit side by side to ensure social distance in buses. To this end, a strip was drawn on the seats, and brochures with a new seating arrangement were hung on the windows of the vehicles.

Disinfectants are placed on buses

The main measures taken to minimize the threat of coronavirus are washing hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. In places where hand washing is not possible, hand hygiene is provided with alcohol-based products and disinfectants. Metropolitan Municipality provides both the hand hygiene of citizens and the hygiene of the bus against virus threats with the disinfectants placed at the entrance of the buses. When citizens board the bus, they print their boarding cards first and then use the hand sanitizer.

With the new seating arrangement created to provide social distance in personal protection against the epidemic, passengers using public transport are prevented from sitting next to each other with lanes drawn on the seats. Brochures containing the new seating arrangement were also hung on the windows of the vehicles.

Buses are disinfected every evening

Metropolitan has been carrying out strict disinfection activities throughout the city and in public transportation since the first days of the epidemic threat. The teams that clean the buses with bleach between each time carry out detailed disinfection inside the vehicles every evening.

Demir: “We put hand sanitizer on each vehicle separately”

Expressing that as in all units of the Metropolitan Municipality, the Department of Transportation has mobilized all its means to protect public health against the coronavirus epidemic, Bayram Demir said, “As you all know, the coronavirus has a huge impact all over the world. Our Metropolitan Mayor, Mr. Vahap Seçer, attaches great importance to the health of the people and mobilizes all kinds of strengths and opportunities to combat epidemic disease. In addition to the disinfection processes required in our public transportation vehicles, we put hand disinfectants on each vehicle separately to protect the health of our people. Thus, our passengers will have done their own personal protective care after disinfecting their hands after payment. ”

Passengers do not sit side by side in the bus as part of the measures taken

On days when social distance is very important, municipal buses now carry 50 percent of their capacity. Indicating that all kinds of warnings have been made in this regard, Demir said, “We have been seated separately so that our people do not come together and not sit side by side. We both showed it in shape and took all necessary measures to prevent the public from sitting side by side with the taping method. Our people can get on Metropolitan Municipality buses safely. ”



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