May Be Mersin Trade and Logistics Center

may be Mersin trade and logistics center
may be Mersin trade and logistics center

📩 19/03/2020 13:09

Turkey Statistical Institute (TSI), detailed foreign trade statistics released by 2020, and were published kept outside the scope of customs warehouses.

According to this, Mersin was ranked 2019th in the country with exports of 1.8 billion dollars, 14th with imports of 1.2 billion dollars and again in the 16th place with foreign trade volume of 3 billion dollars in total.

New Calculation Method Shows The Real Value of Our City

As of January 2020, TURKSTAT includes the free trade zones and customs warehouses data in the calculation of foreign trade data, and the relevant statistics are published according to the general trade system.

This new method, which has started to be implemented by TURKSTAT, clearly demonstrates the role of Mersin in foreign trade of our country and the importance of free zones and customs warehouses for our city.

This is carried out in the year 2019 according to the new calculation method Mersin $ 3 billion in exports by Turkey in the 8th, 2.6th and imports by 9 billion dollars and 5.6 billion dollars in total foreign trade volume is still located in the 9th.

According to the same data, 5.6 percent ($ 48 billion) of our city's foreign trade volume of 2.7 billion dollars is made within the scope of free zone and customs warehouses. This Mersin, Turkey has ranked first in the overall rate. In other words, the province with the most active contribution of free zone and customs warehouses to the foreign trade of the city.

May Be Mersin Trade and Logistics Center

As the statistics show, Mersin is one of the rare cities with foreign trade culture settled in our country. Moreover, our city has an important potential for further development in this area with its values ​​such as port, free zone, organized industrial zone, bonded warehouses, and a wide range of logistics opportunities.

Therefore, foreign trade and logistics based on foreign trade have great importance in terms of the development model of our city. In this direction, Mersin will turn into a trade and logistics center in the event that Çukurova Airport Project, Mersin Container Port Project and Logistics Center Projects, which will open new horizons for our city, are completed.

In this way, the growth rate and welfare level of our city's economy will increase, and the employment and income generation capacity will increase. With the expansion of our trade volume, we will be able to reach a much more competitive position.

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