Public Transport Vehicles Are Disinfected in Denizli

maritime public transport vehicles are disinfected
maritime public transport vehicles are disinfected

Increasing its precautions against epidemic diseases, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality intensified the cleaning and disinfection processes it performs every day in its public transportation vehicles.

Disinfection processes in metropolitan buses have been increased

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Inc., which provides public transportation services in Denizli, has intensified the cleaning and disinfection processes it performs everyday in the buses within the scope of the measures it takes against epidemic diseases. In this context, 50 buses that serve approximately 230 lines in the city center are subjected to hygiene procedures before traveling to ensure that citizens travel in a hygienic environment. Before starting his duty, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Inc. The buses, which have been subjected to internal and external cleaning and disinfection processes by the cleaning staff at the Operations Directorate, then go on their flights to be offered to the citizens.

Steam disinfection machines are also used

Buses are subjected to disinfection to the finest detail with steam disinfection machines as well as internal and external cleaning works. In addition to the internal and external cleaning works of the bus, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Environmental Protection and Control Department and Transportation Department teams regularly carry out the bus stops used in the city for cleaning and hygiene. Cleaning and disinfection materials approved by the Ministry of Health are used for metropolitan buses and station cleaning.

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