Marmaray Failed To Reach Targeted Passengers

marmaray could not reach the targeted passenger number
marmaray could not reach the targeted passenger number

As you can see from the Marmaray website, while the Marmaray investment plan was being made, it was planned to carry 75.000 passengers per hour (1.200.000 passengers per day, a total of 2.400.000 passengers per hour). The relevant link is still available on the Marmaray website. ( is)

According to the statement made on the official website of TCDD on 14/06/2019, it is stated that currently 350-400 thousand passengers are transported daily.
Related link. ( is)

The Minister of Transport stated that 2.400.000-350.000 passengers were transported, far below the target of carrying 400.000 passengers per day. Daily passenger transportation is expected to reach 500.000.

No project or investment can be considered successful when 20 percent of the targeted passenger number is reached. The reasons for this should be investigated and solution suggestions should be considered.

Why is the Marmaray Targeted Passenger Number Unattainable?

  • 1-)The target number of passengers was presented to the public well above the number of passengers to be carried out to make the investment reasonable.
  • 2-)Haydarpaşa-Gebze and Sirkeci Halkalı suburban trains (announced to last for 2 years) were out of service for much more than this period. During this time, the citizen found different transportation methods and lost his habit of using trains.
  • 3-) Marmaray train services are still in Pendik Halkalı It is done with an interval of 15 minutes. For this reason, the passenger who missed the train is 15 minutes. instead of waiting, it prefers other means of transportation. (It was previously announced that it will still be available on the official website of Marmaray, with a frequency of 2-10 minutes)
  • 4-)PendikHalkalı Overcrowding and train delays caused the passenger to lose confidence in Marmaray when the route was first opened.
  • 5-)During the planning period of the project, the population was not dense in settlements such as Ispartakule (Başakşehir). For this reason, the last stop halkalı determined as. However, due to the shift of residential areas to the west, the plan to extend the route to Ispartakulu settlement should be implemented.
  • 6-) Insufficient number of trips for regional trains that will feed passengers to this train also affects the number of passengers negatively. (Adapazarı, Kapıkule and Uzunköprü)
  • 7-) Transportation of Ataturk airport has reduced the number of Marmaray passengers.
  • 8-)Lack of necessary facilities for passengers using the maritime route (previously the ferry station near Haydarpaşa station was very attractive for passengers who would use the train-ferry duo)
  • 9-) The people who have fear of closed space for transportation between Üsküdar and Yenikapı do not want to use the subway.

For Increasing Marmaray Passenger Number

  • The number of Marmaray train trips and service times should be increased.
  • Adapazarı and Kapıkule regional train services should be increased.
  • Metro Marmaray transportation integration should be improved.
  • It is planned to extend the route to Ispartakule.
  • Seaway - Planning should be made for the passengers who will use the Marmaray duo.
  • It should be put into operation as soon as possible from the closed Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci train stations.



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