Marmaray Flight Range Decreasing ..! New Application Starts Tomorrow!

marmaray flight range is decreasing, new application is starting tomorrow
marmaray flight range is decreasing, new application is starting tomorrow

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan stated that Marmaray, which was put into service on October 29, 2013, attracted great interest by citizens, and included Gebze, which also included Marmaray.Halkalı He reported that the management was carried out with 76 expeditions at a distance of 285 kilometers.

Explaining that the flights are planned as internal and external cycles considering the passenger density, Turhan stated that the demands of the citizens to Marmaray are increasing day by day.

Explaining that work has been carried out by TCDD General Directorate of Transport in order to meet the intensive passenger demand, Turhan said, “As part of this study, the route of the inner loop commuter trains between Zeytinburnu and Söğütlüçeşme will be extended to Maltepe as of Monday, March 2, and the intervals will be reduced to 8 minutes in this region.

Thus, the course of the inner loop suburban trains to be operated between Zeytinburnu and Maltepe will be extended by 9 more stations. About 60 thousand of our citizens will be able to go to work without transferring in Söğütlüçeşme. ”

Turhan said that with this arrangement, not only the frequency of the trips, but also the passenger capacity will increase, “We currently carry between 450 thousand and 500 thousand passengers per day in Marmaray. With the commissioning of other metro projects that will be integrated into Marmaray, this figure will exceed 1 million. ”

Noting that Marmaray, which is the main backbone of Istanbul urban transportation, is transferred from 5 metro lines and 1 metrobus line, Turhan said, “In the future, a further 3 metro lines, 4 on the European side and 7 on the Anatolian side, will be completed and integrated into Marmaray.

In this way, more and more citizens will pass between the two continents in 4 minutes comfortably and easily, and will benefit from the comfort of Marmaray. ”

Emphasizing that Marmaray is effective in urban public transportation, while providing comfortable, comfortable and fast transportation, Turhan emphasized that the use of road vehicles has decreased, and accordingly, both the toxic gas emission has decreased significantly and the time spent in transportation has been reduced and a significant time saving has been achieved.


Turhan said that those who use Marmaray spend less time on transportation, and that they use the time they will spend in transportation with their family, at work.

Underlining that the historical and natural structure of Istanbul, the city of the world, is preserved, Turhan stated that with the introduction of Marmaray, vehicle passages in the bridges of July 15 Martyrs and Fatih Sultan Mehmet decreased.

Informing that there is a 5,4 percent reduction in crossing bridges, Turhan stated that 30 thousand tons of toxic gas emissions are prevented and the cost of 229 million dollars of toxic gas is eliminated due to 5 thousand vehicles that do not go to daily traffic.

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