Indispensable to the Coronavirus: Solidarity and Packaging

Indispensable solidarity and packaging against coronavirus
Indispensable solidarity and packaging against coronavirus

Corrugated Board Manufacturers Association (OMÜD) Chairman Buğra Sükan said, “We are going through the days when we need national solidarity due to the global coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic that has affected our country. In this process, corrugated cardboard (Box, parcel), which is produced by our sector, is used in packaging, transportation and storage of urgent priority needs such as industry, food, cleaning, hygiene products and medical supplies, which are indispensable for the society. As a sector, we are working with all our strength so that this process is not interrupted. ”

OMÜD Chairman Buğra Sükan said, “The COVID-19 outbreak we are in has become a global problem. We will survive this process by acting as a citizen, by doing our part, and with the economic packages and measures that our state has brought. At this point, it is very important to maintain the social order while fighting the virus. We, as the sector, see the immediate priority needs of the society as a part of our national struggle against the current crisis. In this critical process, important needs such as food, medicine, cleaning and medical supplies must continue to be met without interruption. As the corrugated cardboard sector, we continue our activities by keeping our factories open, as we operate in the packaging, packaging and storage processes of these products. We are working to ensure that emergency needs are not interrupted. While carrying out our production activities, we keep the safety and hygiene of our employees among our top priorities, we disinfect to fight the virus in our facilities, we train our employees and regularly check their health. In addition, in line with the circular of our Ministry of Health, we allow our employees with chronic conditions and revise our production capacity. ”

The most hygienic and environmental packaging material: Corrugated Cardboard

Pointing out to the packaging material preferences today, where hygiene has gained more importance, Sükan said, “The corrugated cardboard is by far the most hygienic and environmentally friendly material in packaging products to protect against the coronavirus epidemic that affects the world. corrugated cardboard produced from renewable sources and in recyclable nature carries one out of every three products in Turkey. This rate is even higher in pharmaceuticals, food and hygienic products. In addition, it offers a safe and hygienic packaging system, both because it is disposable and its raw material is paper. Because it is exposed to a temperature of 200 ° C at least three times, once during paper production, twice during corrugated production. After use, the packaging is subjected to a temperature above 200 ° C during the recycling stage. As a result of high temperature and steam applications, microorganisms do not survive. This process we have experienced once again demonstrated the importance of the hygienic structure of corrugated cardboard. ”



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