Konya residents listened to warnings, public transportation use decreased by 75 percent

coronavirus setting for mass transportation services in konya
coronavirus setting for mass transportation services in konya

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, public transportation use in Konya decreased by 75 percent. Konya Metropolitan Municipality announced that changes were made in bus and tram services.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality said, “The rate of passengers in our public transportation vehicles has decreased by 75 percent due to the fact that the schools are closed within the scope of the measures taken by our state to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and our citizens have to stay as much as possible in this process. Therefore, by reorganizing our public transportation services, new departure times for buses www.atus.konya.bel.t is We started by announcing from the page. Our tram services will also provide single service as of Friday, March 20. said.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality, within the scope of coronavirus measures; He explained that the Japanese Park, Ecdat Park, Hadimi Park, Kozağaç Park and Hobby Gardens will not serve for 2 weeks for precautionary purposes.

In the statement made in the governorship;"As our city all over the world against the spread of coronavirus also seen in Turkey is implemented to the letter all the measures taken by our government in general.

Within the framework of these measures, with the decision of our Ministry of Interior; theater, cinema, show center, concert hall, engagement / wedding hall, restaurant / café with music / music, casinos, pub, tavern, coffee shop, café, cafeteria, country garden, hookah lounge, hookah cafe, internet lounge, internet cafe, each all kinds of playgrounds, all kinds of indoor playgrounds (including shopping malls and restaurants), tea garden, clubhouses, amusement park, swimming pool, Turkish bath, sauna, spa, massage parlor, SPA and sports centers are temporarily closed. preventive measures have been increased.

Despite all warnings and announcements; There are reports that some of our citizens continue to insist on food and collective organizations such as weddings and engagements throughout our city, especially in some of our districts in the provinces.

The meticulous efforts of our State and the decisions it takes against the spread of the virus are made to protect the health of our people. It is an important citizenship duty and an imperative in this process to cancel our weddings and dinner parties in order to allow the virus to spread and to cancel it when our State permits.

In this context, legal action will be taken against those who do not comply with these decisions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and no compromise will be made on this matter.

It is critically important for our people to comply with these decisions that concern the health of all of us as a foundation of the event, and to take precautions in line with the official authorities' explanations until this process is overcome. ” expressions were used.

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