Public Transport Vehicles Are Regularly Disinfected in Konya

public transportation vehicles are disinfected regularly
public transportation vehicles are disinfected regularly

Konya Metropolitan Municipality, the outbreak of coronaviruses to work for the health of the citizens from the very first day it began to be seen in Turkey continues uninterrupted.

Within the scope of Disinfection Action Plan of Konya Metropolitan Municipality, the center and 28 districts have so far; municipal service buildings, buildings belonging to public institutions and organizations, cultural centers, schools, universities, airports, bus stations, military buildings, mosques, public toilets, squares, under and overpasses, boarding Koran Courses, student dormitories He disinfected a total of 3 buildings, including association buildings and museums. Metropolitan completed the disinfection of all mosques, schools and official institutions in 66 district centers and all mosques in the city center.


Recalling that Konya Metropolitan Mayor Uğur İbrahim Altay has been continuing disinfection activities with the slogan “No panic, there is a measure” in the center and 28 districts since the first day; He said that citizens should not go out unless they have to, and this process will be done much healthier by following the rules of protection.


Continuing its disinfection studies with 50 teams and 110 personnel, Metropolitan continues disinfection works in the areas used by citizens in the city center. The teams lastly cleaned and disinfected Mevlana Square, Mevlana Bazaar, Bedesten, Alaaddin Hill area, Victory Square, Kılıçarslan City Square. The teams disinfected the entrances of the workplaces and left the information notes with the slogan "No Panic, We Will Fight Together".


Konya Metropolitan Municipality continues disinfection works on buses and trams regularly. Working with great care for the health of people who have to use public transportation, Metropolitan continues to distribute public transportation vehicles and information brochures in the city center.

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