E-Commerce Way to SMEs from China to Europe

e commerce route reaching europe from smes
e commerce route reaching europe from smes

SMEs will deliver their products to 11 logistics centers established on the e-commerce route from China to Europe. With the established organization, it will be able to export to any country ...

Turkey's geographical position as of a very important transition bridge between Europe and the Middle East. For this reason, many international companies are setting up factories and production facilities in Turkey, investing. Today, the most important way for companies to remove the borders in the world stands out as virtual commerce. It is stated that China's "One Generation One Road" project, which started a project in this field, is a continuation of the modern Silk Road. Azure Group Chairman Erkan Rose, "the first train to reach Europe from China, in 2019 we moved from Turkey. Azerbaijan-Georgia-Turkey railway line was completed between. In this project, we have established an infrastructure that can operate at 11 points. We have prepared our infrastructure in Europe. We developed the existing distribution centers in Turkey and the Middle East-North Africa line. With the e-logistics system, we will both contribute to the export of our country and we will find a door to employment and employment opportunities for our youth. ” Saying that the network created for the historical project will reach 4 out of 3 of the world trade, Gül said, “We have created a giant organizational network of over an annual trillion dollars. Currently, we can send products from China to the UK, from Africa to Russia with a single click. Turkey is the world's center. We will send 10 percent of this giant project through this geography. This service is not only in Turkey, Italy, England, Germany, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Iran, Iraq, in the countries in which we are giving as Qatar. We have an important logistical advantage of this service to SMEs in Turkey. Thus, they will also be more brave about export and import. ”the Türkiyegazete)



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