Kayseri Intercity Bus Terminal Disinfected

kayseri intercity bus terminal disinfected
kayseri intercity bus terminal disinfected

Cleaning and disinfection works carried out regularly by Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality against viruses and microbes were also carried out at Kayseri Intercity Bus Terminal.

With the holiday of universities after the virus epidemic, the Metropolitan Mayor Dr. Intercity Bus Terminal was also disinfected upon the order of Memduh Büyükkılıç. In the Kayseri Intercity Bus Terminal, where thousands of passengers travel daily by the Metropolitan Municipality, all offices, seating areas, toilets and shops are disinfected to the finest detail. In order to prevent citizens from being affected by the virus epidemic, disinfection studies will be carried out in all public places until the outbreak passes.

In addition to all the measures taken by the Metropolitan Municipality and to be carried out with determination, the compliance of the citizens with the personal cleaning and protection measures is important in terms of health, and all citizens should show maximum effort in this regard.

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