Strong Reaction from İmamoğlun to Channel Istanbul Tender

hard reaction from imamogl to channel istanbul tender
hard reaction from imamogl to channel istanbul tender

İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu made new warnings about the coronavirus epidemic, which affected the world and our country and stopped life. not only for Turkey, they expect to be brought to Istanbul restrictions controlled İmamoğlu stressed, in this process of tender for Channel İstanbul'lu also reacted to the agenda.

Imamoglu said, “It is not believable; but when the people are in trouble, it is not mindful that someone is in Kanal Istanbul today. Yes, today, within the framework of the Canal Istanbul project, there is a tender for the transportation of Odabaşı and Dursunbey bridges. For these road tenders, 2020 billion lira was allocated in the 8 budget. Yet today, the eve of losing their job or income because there are millions of people who can not shut down the workplace, in Turkey and in Istanbul. Why don't we spend our resources for our people, like Kanal Istanbul, instead of spending on freak projects? For God's sake, it's a job to break down a bridge today and do it; or to support millions of people who are worried about their future at home? "I can not put the name of trying to get Kanal Istanbul out of the Coronavirus Crisis.

Ekrem İmamoğlu, the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), made new statements about the coronavirus outbreak, which also affected our country with the world. İmamoğlu, said: "The first death took place in Turkey, where coronaviruses 18 week from March 1th. Unfortunately, the number of our patients is also increasing day by day. As the number of our patients approached 2, our citizens who lost their lives became 500. As you know; The epidemic is spreading rapidly in the European continent, in which we are also involved. Look, I want to give you a very striking statistic. In Turkey, where the first death occurred on March 59th, the number of people who contracted the virus in the world 18 191 thousand people, the number of people who lost their lives were 127 7 thousand. The number of patients in the European continent, for which we are, was 807 thousand 74, and the number of deaths was only 760. Just a week has passed; The number of 3 thousand in the world has exceeded the number of 352 thousand patients. Unfortunately, the number of deaths, which was 191 thousand 472, was a number approaching 7 thousand in the world. In the European Continent in which we are located, the epidemic spread more rapidly. In a week, the number of patients increased by 800 times, exceeding 22 thousand. The death rate has increased almost 1 times and has approached 3 thousand. ”


“Please be aware of how fast the outbreak is growing, how big the danger is. Are you aware? That's why you should stay at home, so you should definitely keep social distance. You can't ignore your life. If we keep people alive, the world will live. This disease, yes, affects our people who are older. We know that. Description Our accuracy was at this point, but we also know that both of you are both in the world what young people are living in Turkey unfortunately the death. So everyone should be very, very careful, sensitive and follow the rules. Look, at the end of February, while the epidemic was in the Far East, we started informing activities in Istanbul as IMM. We explained the rules of hygiene in city screens, buses, overpasses. We quickly began to disinfect public transport. With our mobile hygiene teams, which we have established on March 7 and now increase to 52, we disinfect public areas, places of worship, squares and similar places with this powerful team. ”


“The first patient in our country was announced at midnight on 11 March. On the morning of March 12, we canceled ISMEKs, museums, libraries, cultural centers, city theaters, that is, places where people gather together and all activities. We know that the same night, the government also vacationed certain institutions and schools. We all experienced that sports competitions were played without spectators first and postponed after 1 week. At first, both these pioneering measures taken by our municipality and the measures taken by certain institutions of our state seemed excessive to a large part of the society. Even such comments were made. But the intervening process showed that; We could and should take even more drastic measures. I explained that the epidemic tripled both the number of patients and deaths in one week. As the epidemic grows, it is not enough for the measures to harden. Some precautions must be taken beforehand for all of us. Think about it, the number of people who died from the epidemic in the world just 3 week ago lived as 1. Today, the number of people who lost their lives in Italy alone has reached 7. That's why we said what; 'We can fight the epidemic only by taking radical measures and taking steps. As you know, there were steps we took as IMM to avoid water and gas cuts in this process. Steps such as making public transportation free of charge to healthcare workers and not getting rent from workplaces belonging to our municipalities have been pioneering steps. different places in Turkey, was a pioneer in our steps other municipalities. We also took some of them and applied them. These decisions are reflected by other state institutions as soon as possible, all decisions are reflected in Turkey has evolved into shape. "


“The rate of public transportation in Istanbul has dropped below 80 percent. But there are still more than 1,2 million flights in Istanbul. If we add other uses such as taxi and minibus, over 1 million people still use public transportation every day in Istanbul. This is a big risk. However, in case of an emergency, you need to go within walking distance from the house. I know some of you have to take to the streets for business. I believe that our state will be an effort by the government officials to solve this problem. I want to believe. In Turkey, but not for at least Istanbul, from the government; We expect a gradual, controlled curfew. We are ready to help in this regard. Let me underline again; not only for Turkey, we expect a restriction controlled for at least Istanbul. For the coming days, it is right, good to give uplifting speeches to the public. However, if the necessary steps are not taken today, it is unfortunately obvious that there will be disappointment in the future. Therefore, we must make very determined, radical decisions on this issue. Unfortunately, these things don't just happen in words. Of course we will pray; But unfortunately, we cannot prepare this city and this country for the coming days just by praying. If there will be significant changes in the world with this epidemic crisis, the countries that manage the processes that take the right steps in the world of that day and in the days of crisis will be at the right points in the future of this process. That's why I would like to call once again; Taking some radical decisions today without fear, without saying 'but', is extremely important in terms of our public health, healthcare personnel health, community morale and psychology. When it comes to human life and social psychology, economic expectations should wait a little longer. We must take steps accordingly. "


“There is one more thing that should wait and not even happen at all. I would not want to add such a paragraph to such a speech today: Kanal Istanbul! It is not believable, but it is not plausible that someone is in Kanal Istanbul today while the people are in pain. Yes, today, within the framework of the Canal Istanbul project, there is a tender for the transportation of Odabaşı and Dursunbey bridges. For these road tenders, 2020 billion lira was allocated in the 8 budget. Yet today, the eve of losing their job or are unable to generate income for millions of people in Turkey and in Istanbul office is closed. Very recently, 50 thousand families applied for social assistance from IMM. I will explain the details of these. It is very likely that this figure will increase exponentially over the next period. Why don't we spend our resources for our people, like Kanal Istanbul, instead of spending on freak projects? For God's sake, today it's a job to break down a bridge and do it; or to support millions of people who are worried about their future at home? 'I can not name the name of trying to get out of the Coronavirus Crisis, Kanal Istanbul, please, you put it. ”


“Now we have to cooperate to accomplish this process together. We will succeed together. In this process, I want my citizens of Istanbul to know; There is an IMM working for our 16 million people. We have 39 district municipalities along with IMM. We will continue to take new and important steps within the framework of our future projection regarding the global epidemic. Istanbulites will never feel alone. He will never feel helpless. You can take advantage of our Alo 153 line in every subject. I will explain the details of tomorrow; What we have prepared in our "Aid and Coordination Center" that we have done in our Yenikapı center, I will share them with you. After I introduce this center, I will also tell you which collaborations we will build with you. You are never alone. As you know, we launched a new application yesterday. We started psychological counseling service on the phone number 02124494900. It's easy to say 'stay home', I know. I also know the difficulty. Together, we will overcome the problems of staying at home. But first, your health. Tell us about your troubles, but please stay home at all times, do not go out on the streets, do not use public vehicles, never leave your house by keeping the obligation at the highest level. Stay home Istanbul. We will succeed together. See you tomorrow."



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