Is there a curfew in Izmir?

Is it illegal to go out in the street
Is it illegal to go out in the street

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerStating that we have entered the most critical two weeks in the meeting he held with 30 district mayors on the internet, he said, “We stated that it would be beneficial to declare a curfew for two weeks at the first Pandemic Board meeting led by our governor.”

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerFollowing the CHP İzmir deputies, he held a meeting with 30 district mayors over the internet. Emphasizing that we have entered the most critical two-week period, President Soyer said, “This is the picture that emerges when we follow the developments in the world and the course in Turkey. For this reason, today, at the first Pandemic Board meeting led by our Governor, we stated that it would be beneficial to declare a curfew for two weeks to alleviate the spread of this disease. We said that if strict measures are not taken during this critical two-week period, there may be problems in terms of health infrastructure. Appreciation is our Governor. But we have to take measures to keep the curfew under control as much as possible in each of our districts. Otherwise, much more serious pictures may emerge in this critical period.”

Crisis municipality emphasis

Continuing his speech by saying that they have prepared a directive under the name of crisis municipality, President Soyer said, “We will share this directive with you. In this new period, which we call crisis municipality, we need to change the understanding of municipality. This is a new era when budget, strategic plan and investment priorities are displaced. A new legislation was required accordingly. There are new applications you have made in your districts about the crisis period. It would be better for all of us to achieve this legal basis. ”

Accommodation for healthcare professionals

Mayor Soyer said that they are in the rental stage to allocate a 60-room hotel in the Kahramanlar district and a 40-room dormitory in Balçova for the accommodation of health professionals. He also called on district mayors to make an effort on this matter.

Stating that they made a notification about the use of hand disinfectant at the entrance to the markets, President Soyer said that vocational chambers and non-governmental organizations should be mobilized in solidarity.

Mayor Soyer said, “We definitely want İzmir to show a strong unity in solidarity. We need to ensure voluntary participation of civil society and professional chambers in the process. We can also invite employees on administrative leave to volunteer. We must also mobilize our volunteers and municipal staff to reach needy citizens. We have a lot of work, especially for our citizens over the age of 65 to receive their salaries and meet their needs. ”

“Agricultural production needs to be encouraged”

Emphasizing the need to support production in agricultural areas, President Soyer said, “It is useful for district municipalities to take on the duty of increasing the transportation opportunities of agricultural workers, improving working conditions and promoting production in the countryside. It is a good idea for district mayors to search for the accommodation needs of personnel working in penal institutions. Likewise, strict measures regarding food sale in the districts should be taken. ”

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