Coronavirus Panic in Izmir Metropolitan Municipality ..! 6th Floor Evacuated

Coronavirus panic evacuated in Izmir Buyuksehir Municipality
Coronavirus panic evacuated in Izmir Buyuksehir Municipality

The coronavirus continues to spread rapidly. The virus has finally hit the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. When Kovid-19 diagnosis was made to a staff in the municipality, the 6th floor he was working in was evacuated.

The epidemic of coronavirus (Kovid-19), which is affecting the whole world, continues to spread. Izmir, claimed that the measures in the city, while among the cities with the most widespread outbreak in Turkey was raised to the highest level. However, coronavirus has finally hit the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has more than 20 thousand personnel. A solid of the Town Hall was evacuated and quarantined.


Aegean MorningAccording to the report of Ertan Gürcaner; ”NS, who worked in the transportation coordination center of the Metropolitan Municipality of Izmir, which has been serving as a long-term transportation coordination center with a short name, UKOME, died 2 weeks ago due to shortness of breath. he. Many colleagues from NS Metropolitan Municipality also attended the funeral. His co-workers went to the condolence next to NS after the funeral. Immediately after the funeral, NS and her husband who were admitted to the hospital with a complaint of high fever and shortness of breath were diagnosed with coronavirus. The couple were quarantined. After the incident was heard, there was a great panic in the Metropolitan Municipality. Many staff who attended the funeral and were in condolence closed her home and quarantined while some rushed to hospitals. Upon the development, the 6th floor of the Metropolitan Municipality, where the unit where NS was located, was completely evacuated. The Rail System Department moved to Narlıdere Metro's construction site in Üçkuyular for precautionary purposes. Many employees were sent to their homes under the same measures. It was learned that some heads of departments also started working from home. On the other hand, it was stated that the treatment of NS and his wife, who struggled with the coronavirus, continued.



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