Cemeteries Identified for Coronavirus Deaths in Istanbul

Cemeteries were identified for coronavirus deaths in Istanbul
Cemeteries were identified for coronavirus deaths in Istanbul

The IMM took rigorous measures to prevent coronavirus deaths from risking staff and public health. Cemeteries were identified for coronavirus deaths on both sides of the city. Protection equipment of the personnel has been made suitable.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) has added a new one to the measures taken within the scope of combating coronavirus. Due to the increase in deaths due to the virus, IMM determined Kilyos in Europe and Yukari Baklacı cemeteries on the Anatolian side as burial places. Thus, it was aimed to prevent the contagiousness of the disease, which became a pandemic, and to minimize the risks in terms of public health.


Although the burials were routinely carried out in Kilyos Cemetery, a number of arrangements had to be made in the Upper Baklacı Cemetery. The land allocated to the IMM by the Ministry of Forestry in 2016 did not have a suitable structure. So, for the first time, ground works were carried out two years ago. Due to the increasing use of the cemetery, recently, ground cleaning and leveling operations have been made in the land. However, in this land with frequent vegetation, no tree cutting was made. We were meticulous about protecting trees.


On the other hand, IMM took the necessary measures to protect the health of the personnel during burials. With a new decision taken, every death case that occurs in Istanbul is assumed to have occurred from coronavirus, and measures are taken at the highest level during burials. All personnel affiliated to the Cemetery Directorate continue to work in the field with the full equipment required by occupational health and safety.


On the other hand, in Istanbul, where the registered population is 16 million and 70 thousand defenses are carried out annually, 250 decares of new cemeteries have to be put into use every year. The need for land is also increasing due to the increasing population of each year. Due to the scarcity of lands that can be used as cemeteries in the city, this need is met through the allocation of public lands and lands.

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