Drivers Speak on Density Occurring in 2 Buses in Istanbul

Speaking of the intensity of the bus on the bus in Istanbul
Speaking of the intensity of the bus on the bus in Istanbul

Bus drivers, who were on social media yesterday, belonging to İBB subsidiary, Bus Inc., talked about the 2-line intensity. Pointing out that there were so many passengers on Sunday morning, even on normal days without an epidemic, the drivers said they were looking for intent in the incident.

Yesterday (March 29th, Caspian Day), social media images were reflected in 2 lines connected to the bus affiliate of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İBB). Having determined that this intensity experienced at around 06:00 am on Sunday morning was an unprecedented mobility until now, İBB found that almost 50 people got on the bus in an instant despite the warnings of the drivers.

Referring to the knowledge of the drivers who use buses on both lines at that time for a better understanding of the incident, İBB said, “The mobility, which was not experienced at 06:00 on any Sunday morning, has been met with suspicion that it will happen today in Istanbul where the curfew rate has decreased by 90 percent.” This organized evil to defame Ekrem İmamoğlu confirmed the fact that it was “evil.


Kağıthane No. 62 describing the moment of the incidentKabataş Ertuğrul Arslan, the driver of the Line / B1530 bus, said that it was impossible to see that 06 passengers from one stop at a time on Sunday morning at 15:47. Noting that there were 3-4 passengers in the vehicle until now, Arslan later said to the vehicle, “Why are you silent, why are you not looking for the White Table? Why is this man taking so many passengers? ” He said he said. The driver said, “We found out later, someone from the back was shooting with the camera. I think this is a caliper. On this line, it is impossible to see so many passengers at this hour on Sunday morning, it is impossible. ”


On the other hand, Ahmet Tiryaki, the driver of the bus number 146 on the Boğazköy-Bakırköy Line - A1737, said that he was moving around 05:40 on Sunday morning and was 10-1 as 2 stops and said, “I noticed that there is a busy passenger at KIPTAS and Culture Station. The passengers had filled their seats. At the third stop, nobody listened to me, although I warned the passengers, 'Do not get on board, empty vehicles will be up to 5 minutes in order to maintain social distance. They got on the car in an attack. I have been working on the same line for 3 years. It is not possible to have that passenger at that time on Sunday in this troubled period. It is not possible not to seek intent, ”he said.

On the other hand, in the camera images of the moment of travel, it was observed that the coronavirus posters of IMM and the stickers that said, "Keep your social distance, leave this seat empty" are affixed on buses.


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