Criminal Complaint From Intent To Intensive Bus On The Bus!

intensity of intensity for intensity
intensity of intensity for intensity

IMM stated that despite the COVID-19 measures on Sunday morning, there was a density in 2 buses, IMM and the President Ekrem İmamoğlu He filed a criminal complaint against those who posted against him. IMM's determinations on the lines and social media posts were shown as evidence.

In Kağıthane and Boğazköy, at around 29:06 on Sunday, 00 March, some citizens got on two separate buses en masse, despite the warnings of the drivers. Then, on social media, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) and IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu were shared against him.

IMM; Within the scope of coronavirus measures, he determined that the number of passengers in public transportation decreased by 90 percent and that the buses were deliberately boarded around 06:00 on Sunday morning, which is a holiday. By showing that the purpose of the posts is 'intensity in the vehicle', IMM and IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu It was seen that it was to form public opinion against him.

Based on these facts, IMM Legal Consultancy; Mücahit BİRİNCİ (Twitter Account Name: @birincimucahit), who shared on this issue on social media, filed a criminal complaint against Önder (Twitter Account Name: @ Onderim2) and others who participated in the crime.

In the petition submitted to the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor's Office; IMM Legal Consultancy, stating that the crimes against the People of Enmity and Enmity, insult and slander are committed; He stated that the citizens comply with the call “STAY AT HOME” and the occupancy rate in public transportation decreased by 90 percent.

The drivers of both buses, Ahmet Tiryaki and Ertuğrul Arslan, who made a statement about the incident, also declared that the intensity was intentionally made, and confirmed that such passengers were not seen at 06:00 on Sunday.

The findings in the petition of İBB Legal Consultancy are as follows:


“Paper station 30 with 62 stops, which is one of the public transportation lines allegedly full,Kabataş Line; A total of 15 passengers on Sunday, March 41; A total of 22 passenger on Sunday, March 1; A total of 29 passengers boarded on Sunday, March 71. Despite the warning of the driver from Fazilet Station on the morning of March 29, at 06:00, 47 passengers were boarded in the car.

On the line of Boğazköy-Bakırköy, which is 72, which is another alleged line, with 146 stops; A total of 15 passengers on Sunday, March 51; A total of 22 passengers on Sunday, March 31; A total of 29 passengers boarded on Sunday, March 65. On Sunday morning, March 29, at 06:15, 41 people from only two stops were forced to take the bus despite the warning that the bus driver would come from behind and the social distance rule must be obeyed.

Despite all the warnings of the bus drivers, the people who appeared in the bus got on the bus organized and forced, and then clearly recorded photos and videos and shared them on social media.

It is a situation that does not coincide with the current situation in such a period when the public transport rate has decreased by 90% in the criminal act carried out collectively and at 06:00 on Sunday morning at the same time. Therefore, it clearly constitutes a crime. As a matter of fact, in the responses written under the twitter posts, it is obvious that one part of the public has a grudge and hostility to the other, and the sharing made it possible. ”

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