'Organized Evil' Ignoring Coronavirus Measures in IETT Buses

Organized stiffness that counts coronavirus measures on iett buses
Organized stiffness that counts coronavirus measures on iett buses

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality stated that it is a planned move to take more passengers on IETT line 62 by taking the coronavirus measures into consideration and that 47 passengers from one stop boarded at the same time and a statement was made from İBB Press Consultancy.

The statement included the following statements: Today, images of the intensity experienced on 2 lines of our bus company were reflected on social media. This intensity, experienced around 06:00 on Sunday morning, was an unprecedented activity. Thereupon, first of all, we investigated whether the density was correct by examining the images inside the vehicle. As a result of the examination, density was detected in our 2 lines.. We made data analysis on the same lines on this extraordinary activity experienced around 06:00 on Sunday morning. We compared data on both Sunday, March 15, 2020 and Sunday, March 22, 2020 (last week) with today. The data we obtained as a result of our analysis was extremely interesting. Now we share this data with you:

1- Kagithane No. 62-Kabataş Line / Vehicle No. B1530

The total number of stops in this line is 30. A total of 15 passengers used our 2020-stop line on Sunday, 30 March 41. On Sunday, March 22, 2020, that is, only 30 citizen used our line with 1 stops last week. Although the extent of the epidemic increased in 1 week and the curfew activities decreased much, today, on Sunday, March 29, 2020, the number of passengers in this line was 71.

Here, the detail to be considered is only 1 passengers were boarded from Fazilet Station to the vehicle at the same time. This is unprecedented. Despite the warning of the driver using the vehicle, he said that the boarding was taking place and although 47 minutes later, the new vehicle was said to come, 10 people took the bus at the same time.

It is unprecedented that 1 people boarded at 30:1 on a Sunday morning at the same time after 1 week when the measures increased to our vehicle carrying only 06 citizen for 00 stops during the previous week. This suspicious situation was also detected with cameras. Administrative authorities will be notified.

2- Bogazkoy-Bakirkoy Line 146 - Bus No A1737

Our bus serving in this line covers 72 stops exactly. On March 15, 2020, 72 people used our 51-stop line. On March 22, 2020, that is, only 72 citizens used our 31-stop line last week. Although the extent of the epidemic increased in 1 week and the curfews decreased much more On Sunday, March 29, 2020, the number of passengers on this line increased to 65. The mobility that caught our attention here was that only 2 people from 41 stops got into the vehicle. This is a movement that has not been experienced on our line before 06:00 on Sunday morning. Binişler took place from Araslı and KİPTAŞ stops.

Dear Press Members;

In our examinations, it was found that these shares were initiated from accounts known for their closeness to a certain political view. A person who has previously undertaken political duties, the citizen who took the 'Bak photograph' in his post today is not hidden. He is sharing himself. Our difference is that we have given all the information, go and see, ' It clearly confirmed that the user named 'Onder' was emitted. Aforementioned 'When the social media account of the person named Onder' is scanned, this person's Republican People's Party, President Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, vice presidents and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ekrem İmamoğluNumerous insults have been identified. These screenshots are also presented to you, our press members, in an additional file. A criminal complaint will be made to the prosecutor's office for these insults.

Ultimately, it has been doubted that the mobility, which was not experienced on any Sunday morning at around 06:00 am, has been reduced by 90 percent in the curfew rate. Just 1 week ago, a total of 1 people get on the bus that one person gets on, and 1 of these are from the same station, indicating that an organized activity is taking place. The fact that people spreading their bus crowded photos on social media shared many insulting messages to both a political party and its chairman, as well as to IMM and its president, which strengthened our doubts about organized evil.

As the country struggles hand in hand with the big problems created by a global epidemic, only the President of IMM, Mr. Ekrem İmamoğluWe strongly condemn this organized evil to defame. We state that we will show up in front of the judiciary after the evidence gathering process with everyone who is behind and involved in this business, and we ask the esteemed people of Istanbul not to honor numerous slander and defamation campaigns like this.

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