IETT Intervenes Instantly With The Fleet Tracking Center

IETT Fleet Tracking Center Intervenes Instantly with Yogunlu
IETT Fleet Tracking Center Intervenes Instantly with Yogunlu

According to the circular issued by the Ministry of Interior, public transportation vehicles can carry 50 percent of the capacity specified in the license. IETT General Directorate, which evaluates all its lines and fleet within this scope, monitors the passenger density instantly and makes the necessary intervention at the Fleet Tracking Center.

IETT has to double its fleet technically as its passenger capacity is halved with the Ministry of Internal Affairs Circular. In Istanbul, where citizens mostly comply with the #evdekal calls, there may still be some lines in some lines. IETT, which monitors the number of trips in the Fleet Tracking Center instantly, reinforces the necessary lines, especially at peak times in the morning and evening.

The team that monitors the traffic of Istanbul on the giant screen established in the center ensures that IETT vehicles are directed according to the traffic situation.

The traffic operators, who follow the vehicle services in the tracking center in accordance with the timeline, provide the necessary communication by monitoring the events taking place in the field. Traffic density maps are also examined to make trips in a healthy way.

IETT can intervene in the fleet with the "mobile fleet management" tool in case the Fleet Tracking Center is disabled for any reason.

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