Social Distance Stickers from IMM to Public Transport Vehicles

Social distance stickers from ibb to public transport vehicles
Social distance stickers from ibb to public transport vehicles

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality; The rail system affixed the stickers and brochures it prepared to maintain a safe distance in metrobus and buses to public transportation vehicles.

Measures are being increased due to the coronavirus outbreak, which affects our country and the world. After reducing the passenger carrying capacity stated in the vehicle license in all public transportation vehicles to 50 percent, social distance standards were also introduced in the vehicle seats.

“Protect Your Social Distance” for metro and trams and metrobus vehicles throughout Istanbul. Informative banners were hanged with the “Leave This Seat Empty” stickers. Banners and stickers will be placed on IETT, OTOBÜS AŞ and ÖHO buses as soon as possible.

With the stickers affixed on the seats that should be left empty, one meter rule is also followed in public transportation vehicles. The arrangement is also announced to the public through in-car announcements.

Thanks to the passenger drop of up to 70 percent in buses and subways, it was observed that citizens travel intermittently in the vehicle and sit by paying attention to the stickers.

On the other hand, IETT General Directorate will increase the number of trips during peak hours, preventing the partial intensity experienced in busses to work and return home. In IETT buses, the production of driver's cab has been completed to a large extent in order to prevent the contact of drivers and passengers.

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