IMM Provided Another Support to Students

ibb provided another support for students
ibb provided another support for students

IMM provided another support for young people. The IMM Council made an important decision that allowed young people who could not win the university to use the Istanbul card, which is 1 lira for another year.

After the Blue Card Student Subscription Cards, which were 85 lira, were reduced to 50 lira, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İBB) also implemented a new support for young people who could not graduate from high school and win the university.

In the second combination of March meetings, the IMM Assembly decided to evaluate the people who graduated from high school and took the university exam, but did not settle or choose, within the scope of the student for a further one year.

The report submitted to the IMM Assembly by the IMM Transportation Coordination Directorate with the Presidency proposal was approved unanimously by the council members.

Within the scope of the decision, young people preparing for university in the second year will be able to use the Blue Card Student Subscription Card, which is 50 liras, for another year.

İBB, thus; Reducing the monthly Blue Card Student Subscription Card price by 35 lira, educational aid for university students, provided a fourth support to education and families after nurseries that are under construction.



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