Hygiene Mobilization from Parks to Public Transportation Vehicles in Başkent

hygiene mobilization from parks to public transport vehicles in the capital
hygiene mobilization from parks to public transport vehicles in the capital

In the capital, the Metropolitan Municipality continues to fight against epidemics. Disinfection and sterilization work is carried out in many points from rail systems to buses, from AŞTİ to Metropolitan Municipality service units, from Recreation areas to the buildings of non-governmental organizations. While the disinfection works were doubled with the crisis desk established by Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, the dry air method (pulvarization method) was started to be used especially for the removal of bacteria and viruses from ANKARAY, Metro, Cable Car and Buses.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has increased its importance in combating epidemic diseases.

With the order of the epidemic, which is effective all over the world, by the instructions of the Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, the disinfection and sterilization studies of the citizens, especially the public transportation vehicles, were doubled.

Metropolitan Municipality has created a crisis desk within the scope of combating epidemic diseases and went on alert with all its related units.


Metropolitan Municipality, throughout the city with practices prioritizing public health;

- Rail Systems (ANKARAY, Metro, Cable Car)

-Ego and Private Public Buses and Minibuses

-Recreation Areas,

I -As

- Metropolitan Municipality Service Building,

Units in districts,

-Family Living Centers,


- At Public Bread Sales Points

Continues to disinfect with 7/24 cleaning teams.


Metropolitan Municipality has started to use new methods in disinfection studies carried out in public areas, including centers and districts.

Stating that they use disinfectant products approved by the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health, which do not threaten public health, Seyfettin Aslan, the Head of Health Affairs Department, stated that they started to use new methods in the fight against bacteria and viruses, especially on rail systems and buses:

“We have doubled our cleaning and disinfection efforts in the fight against epidemic diseases by the order of our president, Mr. Mansur Yavas. Now we are taking new measures from a new perspective. We started using the new system, pulvarized, ie dry air method. We ensure that the metro cars and buses are covered with smoke like a film strip. We measure virus density by making measurements to remove bacteria and viruses. We really saw that this method is effective. With this method, we will make all wagons and buses safer. We will continue this process at intervals. ”


While the hygiene works on Halk Bread and its products consumed daily by the capital city are meticulously carried out, Halk Bread Operation Officer and Food Engineer Murat Şanlı said that they accelerated cleaning works in the factory sales areas and production areas.

Stating that they have made the necessary warnings for the health of both personnel and citizens, Şanlı said, “We have recently increased the precautions and controls in our factory production area and sales locations due to the risk of epidemic disease. At this stage, we do not accept requests for visits to our factory. General cleaning is done routinely, but especially bread crates are disinfected with special steam machines. We started to use hand disinfectants within the health of our staff and citizens. We also placed our warning signs in open areas. Along with eating areas, our tables are cleaned with special solutions. Our breads are extremely sterile and healthy because they are cooked at high temperatures. Our bread from production to shipment is delivered by our staff in all our units by wearing gloves, bones and shoe covers ”.


Cleaning works are carried out by using broad spectrum disinfectant products not only in the centers but also in the metropolitan municipality units.

The sports halls, classrooms, toilets, kitchen and common living areas in the Family Life Centers, especially in the Polatlı ASKİ Regional Operation Directorate, are cleaned in detail.

The Department of Environmental Protection and Control, the Department of Health Affairs and BELPLAS teams have tightened the disinfection studies carried out in cooperation with the Ankara Medical Chamber.

Metropolitan Municipality teams also carry out disinfection works in schools, shopping malls, mosques, political party centers and non-governmental buildings in Ankara, with 60 vehicles and 205 personnel.

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