Haydarpaşa Workers Can't Get Salary For 3 Months

haydarpasa workers can not get salary for months
haydarpasa workers can not get salary for months

About 1,5 years ago, during the construction of the connecting rails to be connected to the Haydarpaşa Train Station of the Marmaray train line, a region containing 1700 years of history was exposed.

The archaeological museums and art historians were assigned while the historical region that appeared in Haydarpaşa was handed over to the Istanbul Archeology Museums Directorate with the decisions of the Cultural and Natural Heritage Preservation Board. KKC MARMARAY, which is also the contractor of the Marmaray project, undertook the construction of the auxiliary structures required for the excavation work and the work required.

While KKC MARMARAY continues the archaeological excavations of Haydarpaşa with more than 400 workers and necessary equipment, a notice came from the workers working in the field of excavation to the Bosses' Nets Network (PE): It has been learned that nearly 500 workers have not been paid for 3 months. PE Construction Workers Network, in a statement on the subject, reminded that the companies that make up KKC MARMARAY are criminal companies in terms of workers' rights, and that they have started a study on the subject and will be interested in the issue until the rights of the workers are obtained.

We are at the Neck of the Bosses (PE) The Construction Workers Network explains: “In the testimony of a thousand years of history, there is a shame of humanity in Haydarpaşa and we know the criminals very closely.

KadıköyA work that sheds light on the past of 1700 years, which has excited almost every citizen for about two years, has been continuing. While this work continues under the supervision of expert archaeologists and art historians trained by our country, it is followed with curiosity by the public and the media.

What is not mentioned in the historical excavations of Haydarpaşa is the conditions under which nearly 500 workers work here. The majority of the workers working here have undertaken duties as manual workers in excavation and earthworks. Workers are paid over the minimum wage. However, the workers are not paid travel allowances, food service on the field is not covered, nor is food money paid.

Workers come here from different working districts of Istanbul, to witness the history, to earn a living. kazanWhen he comes to work to make a living, he comes from home by preparing food and has to pay the travel fee out of his own pocket. Moreover, no salary has been paid for the last 3 months.

We want to address the entire public here, and we will not allow this disgrace to humanity, witnessed by history, in the Haydarpaşa historical excavations. As of today, Haydarpaşa excavation and soil workers together with the payment of all quarterly wages, payment of wages regularly and at the beginning of each month, kazanWe are starting a struggle to meet the legal and legal travel and food costs. We call on everyone who is aware of the fact that the workers have a share in our 1700-year-old historical heritage to support this struggle.”

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