Clean Transport in Public Transport for Public Health

clean transportation in public transport for public health
clean transportation in public transport for public health

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality continues its routine cleaning activities to ensure that citizens using public transportation vehicles operating in the city travel from a more hygienic environment.

The buses, tram vehicles and stops in the Metropolitan Municipality of Gaziantep Transportation Inc. are cleaned and disinfected. Medicines inside the vehicle are used by the Ministry of Health licensed and approved by the World Health Organization (WHO), which does not harm human health. The trams and buses, which serve around 180 thousand citizens in urban transportation during the day, are cleaned with a 6-hour intensive work after their term of office expires.

For public health, 45 trams and 256 buses connected to the metropolitan city are carried out every night to prevent health problems that may occur in transportation. In the external washing of the vehicles; side surfaces, nose parts and bellows areas are disinfected with automatic dosing washing machines. In interior cleaning, every point such as windows, driver's cabs, handles, stroke buttons, passenger seat handles, floors, ceiling, outer ceiling and bottom corner cleaning are carefully researched and selected with the selected chemicals and disinfectants, and converted into the first day. On the other hand, thanks to the technical feature of washing machines to collect, treat and reuse wastewater, 75% of the water used in washing is recovered and savings are achieved.


Providing explanation on the subject, Gaziantep Transportation Inc. Deputy General Manager Osman Koç stated that they provide public transportation services to 180 thousand citizens across the city. “At the point of realizing this service, not all vehicles in our fleet come to the field every day. Their daily; repair, maintenance, troubleshooting and cleaning works are carried out in our warehouse area. We have a team of approximately 57 people for works such as disinfection, detail cleaning, external washing. Our public transport time starts at 6 in the morning and ends at 12 in the night. From the end of public transportation, our cleaning team carries out a feverish work the next morning, from time to time until the start of the shift. This work is carried out routinely every day, internal and external cleaning of the vehicles. In addition, we are increasing the intensity of our studies in order to eliminate the risk of infection in public transportation, which has become a major problem in winter disinfection studies. ”



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