Two Metrobuses on the Golden Horn Bridge Collided

Two metrobus carpets in Halic bridge
Two metrobus carpets in Halic bridge

Two metrobus in the same direction collided on the Golden Horn Bridge. 10 people were slightly injured in the accident.

In the morning, a metrobus traveling on the Golden Horn Bridge, in the direction of Beylikdüzü, crashed into the metrobus traveling in front of it for an unknown reason. While a large number of ambulances were dispatched to the scene of the accident, out of the 10 people injured in the incident, those with mild conditions were treated on an outpatient basis and some injured were hospitalized by ambulances.

Expeditions due to the incident for a while due to the work of the police and municipal teams at the accident site returned to normal after the removal of the metrobuses involved in the accident.




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