Current Turkey Railway Network and Map

Current Turkey Railway Network
Current Turkey Railway Network

TCDD Railways Map is presented to you in very high resolution. You can also download the current World Railroad map from our website. The history of the railways began on September 23, 1856, with the concession of the 130-kilometer İzmir-Aydın Railway line. Now it serves the Turkish people with a line length of thousands of kilometers.

Turkey newsrailway line every year in Turkey length Increasing. TC State Railways (TCDD), according to the statistics announced, the railway main line, which was 1994 thousand 8 kilometers in 452 lengthBy 2018, it increased to 12 kilometers.

The length of the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) lines was 2009 kilometers in 397. The length of the YHT line, which increased to 2010 kilometers between 2013 and 888, was recorded as 2014 kilometers between 2018 and 1213.

In which city is the longest railway?

The statistics shared by TCDD included railway lengths by provinces.

Ankara ranks first with 823 kilometers in length of railway. It is followed by Konya with 688 kilometers, Eskişehir with 622 kilometers and Sivas with 618 kilometers.

According to the age distribution of the rails in Turkey 

  • 0-10 age - Percent 79
  • 11-20 - Percent 11
  • 21-30 - Percent 5
  • 31 and over - Percent 5

Facts and Figures Railways in Turkey

Turkey Railways with numbers
Turkey Railways with numbers

Map of Turkey Fast Train

TCDD Railways Map (Detailed)

You can download TCDD official railways maps from the following links:

Turkish State Railway MAP

TCCD Railway Maps

Maps of State Railways

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