GÜMÜP President Pezük Became TCDD Head of Modernization and Construction

gumup president pezuk tcdd became the head of modernization construction department
gumup president pezuk tcdd became the head of modernization construction department

Gumush Engineers Platform (GÜMÜP) President Hasan Pezük, Republic of Turkey General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD) Railways Modernization Construction was appointed as the Head of Department.

Following his appointment, President of the Federation of Şiran Associations (ŞİDEF) Serkan Kaya and his delegation visited Pezük and wished success in his new position.

Chairman of ŞİDEF, Hasan Pezük, written on Kaya, gave the gift to the star Yıldız. Hasan Pezük thanked ŞİDEF President Serkan Kaya and his delegation for their visit.

This is very important responsible for the construction and modernization of railways in Turkey but also our fellow countrymen who wish dismissed GÜMÜP President Hasan Pezük to success.

Who is Hasan Pezük?

He was born in 1970 in Gümüşhane. He completed his primary, secondary and high school education in Gümüşhane. Having graduated from Yıldız Technical University Electrical and Electronics Faculty Electrical Engineering Department, Pezük started to work in IETT General Directorate in 1996. He worked as Control Engineer, Control Supervisor in IETT General Directorate, Building Maintenance and Repair Department, Rail Systems Department and Mechanical Supply Department, Rail System Project Manager in Special Projects Directorate. In 2006, he was appointed as Deputy Director of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Department of Science Affairs, City Lighting and Energy Directorate, and as a Manager in 2009. In 2010, he was appointed as the Deputy Manager of the Rail System Directorate of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department, and in 2012 as the Rail Systems Manager.

He has carried out successful studies in the Feasibility, Survey, Design and Construction stages of Rail System Projects for most of his professional life. It has made important contributions with the efforts it has made to expand the Metro and Tramway systems in Istanbul.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Culture Inc. Member of the Board of Subsidiary Company (2009-2012), IGDAS Board Member (2012-2017), KIPTAS Board Member (2017-2019) has been found in Board membership, and finally the General Directorate of the Republic of Turkey State Railways ( TCDD) Was appointed as the Head of Railways Modernization Construction Department. (Gumushane)

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